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  • The Rain Tree: A Memoir

    A host of vividly caught characters are here: Mirabel's extrovert, free-spirited mother Phyllis; Aylmer Vallance, who with extraordinary love letters would rescue her mother from a twilight life; Stella Bowen, Phyllis's lifelong friend and fellow student under Ezra Pound, their introduction to the…

  • The New Sylva

    …of the most important species of tree that populate our landscape. Silvologist Gabriel Hemery explains what trees really mean to us culturally, environmentally and economically in the first part of the book. These chapters are followed by forty-four detailed tree portrait sections that describe the…

  • The Immortal Yew

    …with photographs of these stunning individuals. Each tree has its own story to tell, from fragmented, sprawling trunks, ones you can sit inside of, and ancient individuals propped up. Tony describes that many of the magnificent ancient yew trees alive today are situated in churchyards, but are…

  • Niwaki

    …of pruning techniques that coax out the essential characters of their garden trees, or niwaki. In this highly practical book, Western gardeners are encouraged to draw upon the techniques and sculpt their own garden trees to unique effect. After discussing the principles that underpin the techniques,…

  • Plant Lore and Legend

    A fascinating and absorbing miscellany of traditional wisdom, stories and superstitions about plants, trees and flowers, which will entertain and inform all lovers of plants and gardens.

  • An Illustrated Guide to Japanese Maples for Garden Planting and Patio Pots

    …book explains how to grow and maintain these versatile and colourful trees. Including sections on propogation, repotting, pruning, maintenance, pests and diseases as well as some trade secrets from the specialists at Larchfield Trees, this book will help you to ensure your Japanese Maples last long…

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  • The Beauty of Bonsai

    …resemble a venerable old tree is what bonsai growers love best. Most bonsai hobbyists will be content simply to raise such a tree, but bonsai's greatest satisfaction actually lies one step beyond: in displaying the tree indoors to be viewed and appreciated. Bonsai are trees were originally found in…

  • A Legacy of Ancient Oaks

    …the natural world and in particular developed a huge closeness to a local ancient character - the Great Oak at Nibley Green. Mark would return to this tree in 2010 as the first of his series of oak drawings, commissioned by the publisher, poet, philanthropist and planter of trees Felix Dennis.

  • Magnolias

    …written by knowledgeable and enthusiastic authors. Magnolias are beloved for their iconic spring blossoms are among the most popular flowering trees. The Plant Lover's Guide to Magnolias shares information on garden use, design, culture, and maintenance. The plant directory also includes hundreds…

  • The Ash and the Beech: The Drama of Woodland Change

    …of natural challenges. Just when we need trees most, to help combat global warming and to provide places of retreat for us and our wildlife, they seem at greatest peril. But these dangers force us to reconsider the narrative we construct about trees and the roles we press on them. In this now…

  • Pine

    …pine cone staffs carried by the worshippers of Bacchus in the classical world or pine trees used in the movement to establish national parks in nineteenth-century North America. The natural history of pine trees underlines their ability to survive in difficult environments, and their botany still…

  • Rhododendrons & Azaleas: A Colour Guide

    Profiling over 4000 varieties of these highly popular shrubs with over 1000 plant portraits.

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Items 49 - 60 of 205
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