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  • The Miracles of Trees

    What is a tree? Why are they so important to life on Earth? How do they eat, breathe, grow, communicate, and regenerate themselves? How many different kinds of trees are there, and where do they live? In this beautiful little book, illustrated with rare old engravings and specially commissioned…

  • London's Street Trees

    …that the trees along the capital's streets are London planes. That's what street trees are? In fact, the magnificently green streets of London are in no way a monoculture - these days over 300 different species and cultivars grace its streets, from giant redwoods in Edgware to Olive trees and a…

  • Forest: Walking among trees

    …some of the world's most fascinating and iconic trees. They explore the heritage of woodlands from around the world and meet those whose lives are inexplicably bound to them. The book is divided into 10 main chapters, each of which explores a tree from a particular genus - Pine, Juniper, Oak,…

  • Growing Trees from Seed

    Growing Trees from Seed' is a practical guide to growing native trees, vines and shrubs. With clear illustrations and descriptions aimed at helping the reader with plant identification, this book covers the ecology, abundance, fruit characteristics and edibility of more than 200 species.

  • Hidden Trees of Britain

    …ancient trees and a remarkable array of woodland types, in particular the huge variety of manifestations and combinations of our native species. Our trees are a defining feature of the British landscape and one of the best-loved aspects of our island. Archie Miles has been photographing trees and…

  • The Company of Trees

    …the book and went to look at my own trees. Thanks to the joyful hours spent in its author's company, I saw them anew. His book is a plum among autumn's publishing fruits' John Lewis-Stempel, author of MeadowlandThomas Pakenham, indefatigable champion of trees, narrates a story of exploration and…

  • Collins Gem: Trees

    …to identifying the most common species of tree in northern Europe. This is the perfect pocket guide for anyone who wants to identify those deciduous or evergreen species they may come across on hill or in dale, in the town or in the countryside. For each tree included in the book, there is a wealth…

  • Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees

    …often too faint to be seen by the naked eye. As in her acclaimed first volume, Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time, these magnificent images encounter great arboreal specimens, including baobabs, olive trees, andredwoods, in such places as South Africa, England, and California. In her artists…

  • The Great Trees of Dorset

    …Wilkins, the Posy Tree and Judge Wyndham's Oak, Dorset's ancient trees are amongst its most precious living treasures. At least two pre-date Christianity, one is the widest oak in the country. The Martyrs' Tree has been named one of Britain's 'top ten' trees. Today Dorset's veteran trees support a…

  • A Brief History of Trees

    A biography of the trees in history, legend and literature, told with charm and wit and illustrated throughout with noteworthy and intriguing images of 100 tree varieties. Contains a wealth of little-known, intriguing facts about trees, from acacia, cinnamon and ginkgo to frankincense, mahogany,…

  • The Hidden Life of Trees

    Are trees social beings? How do trees live? Do they feel pain or have awareness of their surroundings? In The Hidden Life of Trees Peter Wohlleben makes the case that the forest is a social network. He draws on groundbreaking scientific discoveries to describe how trees are like human families: tree

  • Trees in Towns and Cities

    …and how many, trees are planted today. Tracing the history of trees in gardens, parks, streets and other urban spaces this book focuses on working people and the extent to which they have been able to enjoy urban trees and green space. From the Romans to the present day Trees in Towns and Cities…

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Items 25 - 36 of 332
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