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  • Schnitzel Von Krumm : Dogs Never Climb Trees

    …Schnitzel von Krumm, from favourite author, Lynley Dodd. This time, Schnitzel von Krumm - with the very low tum - is up to mischief, chasing, digging, hiding and hustling. He should remember that dogs never climb trees - but that's not going to stop him scampering right to the very top of the tree!

  • Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Small Trees

    …a well-placed tree, and even the smallest of gardens can accommodate one. But trees are long-term investments, so it's worth knowing exactly what you want before you plant. Here Alan Titchmarsh guides us through the selection and planting processes, plus how to look after trees to ensure optimum…

  • About Trees

    …Andrea Bowers, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ada Lovelace and dozens of others. Holten was artist in residence at Buro BDP. While working on the book she created an alphabet and used it to make a new typeface called Trees. She also made a series of limited edition offset prints based on her Tree Drawings.

  • Native British Trees

    This book tells the story of the ancient native British tree species.

  • Remarkable Trees

    More than 60,000 species of trees are found in an amazing variety of forms, sizes and habitats. Every tree has its own story and here are over 60, selected for their particular resonance and connection with humankind and representing most of the world's major zones and ecologies. In portraits that…

  • Drawing Trees

    Features easy-to-follow steps for capturing the magnificence of trees. Includes: - Shading techniques - composition - shadow and light methods - outlining These approaches are all aimed at helping artists draw dozens of varieties with vitality and expression. Over 100 illustrations focus on Oak,…

  • Hidden Histories: Trees

    'Hidden Histories: Trees' reminds us of the rich heritage that the trees of the world have to offer. Noel Kingsbury's selection includes not only the trees common to the Northern Hemisphere, such as alder, ash and oak but also more unusual tropical and subtropical trees. He reveals the traditional…

  • London's Street Trees

    …that the trees along the capital's streets are London planes. That's what street trees are? In fact, the magnificently green streets of London are in no way a monoculture - these days over 300 different species and cultivars grace its streets, from giant redwoods in Edgware to Olive trees and a…

  • Forest: Walking among trees

    …some of the world's most fascinating and iconic trees. They explore the heritage of woodlands from around the world and meet those whose lives are inexplicably bound to them. The book is divided into 10 main chapters, each of which explores a tree from a particular genus - Pine, Juniper, Oak,…

  • Trees of Life

    …beautiful survey of the tree species from all over the world. Author Max Adams shares a plethora of stories and information on trees that human cultures have found most useful. Each tree species is the subject of a concise text centred on a story – or stories – about the tree in question, and is…

  • Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees

    …often too faint to be seen by the naked eye. As in her acclaimed first volume, Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time, these magnificent images encounter great arboreal specimens, including baobabs, olive trees, andredwoods, in such places as South Africa, England, and California. In her artists…

  • Trees in Towns and Cities

    …and how many, trees are planted today. Tracing the history of trees in gardens, parks, streets and other urban spaces this book focuses on working people and the extent to which they have been able to enjoy urban trees and green space. From the Romans to the present day Trees in Towns and Cities…

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Items 13 - 24 of 205
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