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  • The Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs

    …milder regions, to reflect the changing climate of the British Isles. Building upon the 2014 edition, the first produced jointly by Hillier Nurseries and the Royal Horticultural Society, this ninth edition of The Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs not only remains an enduring tribute to Sir Haro

  • Champion Trees of Britain & Ireland

    A new edition of the definitive book describing every notable and ancient tree in Britain and Ireland from The Tree Register. This unique guide lists 5,000 trees, with over 200 photographs and includes thousands of fascinating facts.

  • The Westonbirt Arboretum's Tree Spotter's Guide

    …beautiful tree gardens in the world. Known as Westonbirt Arboretum. Here you can find around 15,000 trees, each one lovingly labelled. They offer the perfect, picturesque setting for escaping from the pressures of everyday life. Now, for the first time, 100 of the most popular British trees form the…

  • Home Gardener's Trees and Shrubs

    Horticulturist and author David Squire presents his guide to finding the perfect trees and shrubs for your garden. Trees and shrubs can enhance your garden in a variety of ways, from being the focal point to adding height to an overlooked garden. This book provides details on selecting, planting,…

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  • RHS The Magic and Mystery of Trees

    …science of trees in this gorgeously illustrated nature and science book. From the highest branch and leaf down to the complex "wood wide web" of roots, every part of a tree plays an important role in its own growth and the habitat of the whole forest or woodland. Did you know that trees take care of…

  • Collins Tree Guide

    "The definitive, fully-illustrated guide to the trees of Britain and non-Mediterranean Europe. This field guide to the trees of northern Europe contains some of the finest original tree illustrations ever produced." The introduction contains illustrations of the main leaves, buds, and firs you are…

  • The Great Trees of Dorset

    …Wilkins, the Posy Tree and Judge Wyndham's Oak, Dorset's ancient trees are amongst its most precious living treasures. At least two pre-date Christianity, one is the widest oak in the country. The Martyrs' Tree has been named one of Britain's 'top ten' trees. Today Dorset's veteran trees support a…

  • The Company of Trees

    …the book and went to look at my own trees. Thanks to the joyful hours spent in its author's company, I saw them anew. His book is a plum among autumn's publishing fruits' John Lewis-Stempel, author of MeadowlandThomas Pakenham, indefatigable champion of trees, narrates a story of exploration and…

  • RSPB What's That Tree?

    …identifying common trees RSPB What's That Tree? is ideal if you struggle to tell the difference between a Serbian spruce and a Silver birch. It's the perfect pocket guide for beginners but also a handy reference for the more seasoned naturalist. Featuring over 150 common trees from around the UK and…

  • The wood for the trees

    From one our greatest science writers, this biography a beech-and-bluebell wood through diverse moods and changing seasons combines stunning natural with ancient history countryside to tell full story of the British landscape. ‘The woods are the great beauty of this country… A fine forest-like beech…

  • Trees of Britain and Ireland

    …facts about native trees, including where different trees grow naturally, what insects, fungi and animals you might see on them, what traditional beliefs are associated with them, how they are managed and what products are obtained from them. There are reference lists for each tree, and tables of…

  • Schnitzel Von Krumm : Dogs Never Climb Trees

    …Schnitzel von Krumm, from favourite author, Lynley Dodd. This time, Schnitzel von Krumm - with the very low tum - is up to mischief, chasing, digging, hiding and hustling. He should remember that dogs never climb trees - but that's not going to stop him scampering right to the very top of the tree!

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Items 1 - 12 of 205
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