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  • The Tree Book: Superior Selections for Landscapes, Streetscapes and Gardens

    The Tree Book is a comprehensive survey of the trees commonly used in landscapes, streetscapes, and home gardens. The trees included are widely available in the nursery trade, new and promising choices, or overlooked options that deserve renewed interest. This well photographed book contains more…

  • Trees of Britain and Ireland

    …of the trees of Britain and Ireland with a history of their development, man's relationship with them, and portraits of all the major native species. Illustrated with over 200 stunning colour photographs, it contains all the essential facts about native trees, including where different trees grow…

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  • Garden Techniques and Garden Plants - a box set of 2 practical books

    …types of garden, with entries arranged alphabetically within plant categories for quick and easy reference. It includes information on caring for trees, shrubs, climbers, bulbs, annuals and perennials, growing vegetables, herbs and fruit, greenhouse gardening, and improving your lawn. It contains…

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  • RHS My Family Tree Record Book

    book, featuring botanical illustrations taken exclusively from the RHS Lindley Library. Every family has its own story and an increasing number of us are taking the time to search out these histories and record them for this and future generations. My Family Tree is a beautifully designed book to…

  • The Tree

    …series for nature lovers. This elegant book celebrates the beauty and abundance of the forest. Exquisite illustrations of leaves, fruits and branches accompany a lyrical text by conservation expert Steve Marsh that describes the features of 52 varieties of tree. Press-out sections enable you to…

  • The Ash Tree

    Ash is one of the most common trees in the British Isles - there are nearly as many ash trees as there are people. Perhaps this is why we take them for granted. Poets write of oak, yew, elm, willow, rarely ash. No books have been written about ash trees before. Yet Ash is one of the most productive…

  • The Fruit Tree Handbook

    …and photographs. At the heart of the book is a deep respect for the natural world, so you will find simple tips that help you to tackle pests and diseases in harmony with nature. Whether you are planting a few trees in your garden or 50 trees in a field, this book gives you all the information you…

  • Collins Tree Guide

    …a particular tree from that family. Then individual species are clearly described and a detailed illustration is given on the same page. Covering all the tree species found outside the major arboretums, from the olive tree to the eucalyptus, this is one of the most important tree guides to have…

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  • The Tree Climber's Guide

    'After I finished this book I alarmed my family by going into the garden and climbing the apple tree.' - Damian Whitworth, The Times 'One of the publishing sensations of the year ...For anyone who has ever felt a little overwhelmed in a big city, or wanted to step out of the rat race for an hour or…

  • Notes from Walnut Tree Farm

    …of impressions, the notes reveal a passionate but gentle character and his extraordinary, restless curiosity. 'Notes from Walnut Tree Farm' Captures Deakin's unique turn of phrase and inspired use of language, and is infused throughout with the magically meditative tranquility of Walnut Tree Farm.

  • Blue Orchid and Big Tree

    A story of bravery, hardship and adventure, of how Cornish brothers William and Thomas Lobb became two of England's most successful plant hunters. Employed by James Veitch, the visionary owner of the horticultural nursery James Veitch & Son, the brothers spent years exploring remote landscapes…

  • Nature Activity Book

    The Nature Activity Book will be very popular with any child who loves anything to do with nature and the great outdoors. The pages are packed with a huge variety of activities on subjects including farms, the seaside, flowers, plants and trees and the many different animals you will find in these…

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Items 1 - 12 of 196
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