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  • Landscapes and Gardens

    …and plant species, and how site and climate influence the final design, Landscapes and Gardens is a lush collection of beautiful images of gardens, big and small, providing inspiration for those who love parks, gardens, and gardening. Long focused on the importance of public space, and specifically

  • The Book of Orchids

    …of every seven flowering plants on earth is an orchid. Some are stunningly over the top; others almost inconspicuous. The Orchidaceae is the second most widely geographically distributed family, after the grasses, yet remains one of the least understood. This book profiles 600 species, representing…

  • The Ultimate Mushroom Book

    …beautifully illustrated book describes the identifying features and habitats of all the most popular edible mushrooms, and each entry includes images of growing mushrooms for accurate identification. Mushrooms are an irresistible source of taste, texture and aroma, and the book describes techniques…

  • RHS Book of Pears

    This wonderfully unique book is an indispensable and one-of-a-kind guide. It tells the story of the pear from its delightful taste and wonderful appearance to breeding and cultivation, following the fruit's journey through history and around the world. Beautifully illustrated with 40 botanical…

  • The Book of Little Hostas

    …that are ideal for containers, roof terraces, windowsills and other small spaces. The Book of Little Hostas features a handpicked selection of diminutive hostas to direct collectors towards the right plant for their needs. Kathy Guest Shadrack has gardened passionately for over 25 years and has…

  • The New Book of Apples

    This unique book contains the most wide ranging history of apples ever written and a detailed survey of over 2,000 of the world's apple varieties. Beautifully illustrated with 32 exquisite colour paintings and complete with a fully revised directory covering all the varieties of apples to be found…

  • The Complete Chilli Pepper Book

    …dishes from a variety of cuisines and inspire near-fanatical devotion in those who have succumbed to their incendiary charms. In this comprehensive book, world chilli experts Dave DeWitt and Paul W.Bosland have assembled all the information that anyone with an interest in chilli peppers could ever…

  • RHS The Little Book of Bonsai

    …in the art of growing miniature trees with this myth-busting book. Growing bonsai really isn't as hard as most people think, in fact, they are no more difficult to look after than other pot plants, and easier than many. This book makes the job even easier by breaking down the subject into three…

  • Right Plant Right Place

    This book helps you in choosing the perfect plant for every location in your garden, with 120 photographs. You can understand the properties of different soils, from acid and alkaline to light sand and heavy clay. You can make the most of various different locations within your garden, including…

  • What a Plant Knows

    …biologist Daniel Chamovitz presents a beguiling exploration of how plants experience our shared Earth - in terms of sight, smell, touch, hearing, memory, and even awareness. For green thumbs, science buffs, vegetarians, and nature lovers, this rare inside look at the life of plants is a delight.

  • RHS What Plant When

    …year round with plants for every season. "RHS What Plant When"will help you to be the envy of your neighbours with a garden in bloom through every season. With colour photographs and at-a-glance information for over 1,000 plants, the experts at the RHS give you the best plants for each month from…

  • The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents

    …watering, feeding, potting and general care can differ from plant to plant. The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents features a directory of 60 of the most popular varieties of cacti and succulents to own. The entry for each of the 60 plants is accompanied by a photograph and all the essential…

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Items 1 - 12 of 304
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