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  • The New Sylva

    In 1664, the horticulturist and diarist John Evelyn wrote Sylva, the first comprehensive study of British trees. It was also the world's earliest forestry book, and the first book ever published by the Royal Society Evelyn's elegant prose has a lot to tell us today, but the world has changed…

  • The Company of Trees

    'Thomas Pakenham could convert a property developer into a tree-hugger ... The book's photographs are as beautiful and glossy as conkers; anecdote and information fall like autumn mast ... I closed the book and went to look at my own trees. Thanks to the joyful hours spent in its author's company, I…

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  • The Tree Book: Superior Selections for Landscapes, Streetscapes and Gardens

    The Tree Book is a comprehensive survey of the trees commonly used in landscapes, streetscapes, and home gardens. The trees included are widely available in the nursery trade, new and promising choices, or overlooked options that deserve renewed interest. This well photographed book contains more…

  • Rhododendron

    Has a group of plants ever inspired such love in some, and hatred in others, as rhododendrons? Their propensity towards sexual infidelity makes them popular with horticultural breeders, and early plant collectors faced mortal peril to bring stunning new species back to life. They can clothe whole…

  • Urban Arboreal: A Modern Glossary of City Trees

    Travel the cities of the world alongside some of their oldest citizens, exploring the trees of Buenos Aires to Berlin, San Francisco to Sydney, in this visually stunning, modern glossary of our city trees. Through finding a Kentucky yellowwood in Hannover, the 1,000-year-old olive trees in Athens or…

  • Magnolias in Art & Cultivation

    This stunning book contains information on all species and around 100 hybrids, accompanied with over 150 stunning new paintings by botanical artists Barbara Oozerally. The informative and authoritative text by Jim Gardiner provides a variety of information about the magnolias, including their…

  • Ancient Oaks

    England has more ancient native oak trees than the rest of Europe combined. How did that come about? The reasons are all historical, and nothing to do with climate or soil factors. This story goes back to the Norman conquest of England in 1066. They created Royal Forests, chases and deer parks,…

  • The Immortal Yew

    Yew trees are some of the oldest living organisms in Europe, with particular individuals thought to be over 2,000 years old. Often found growing in churchyards, the English yew or common yew Taxus baccata is surrounded in myth and mystery, and its influence can be found throughout history. Author…

  • Bonsai Basics

    "The New Pyramid Bonsai Basics" explains in detail all the techniques needed to keep a bonsai alive and in good shape. Clear text and step-by-step illustrations ensure that even the most nervous newcomer can approach looking after bonsai with confidence. Filled with over 120 specially commissioned…

  • The Arboriculturalist's Companion - A Guide to the Care of Trees

    This book covers the growing and maintenance of trees from the point of view of ornament and amenity, whether they are in the town or the countryside. Also included are such varying subjects as botanic gardens and arboreta, a summary of all the principal law cases which have been concerned with…

  • An Illustrated Guide to Japanese Maples for Garden Planting and Patio Pots

    This fully illustrated book explains how to grow and maintain these versatile and colourful trees. Including sections on propogation, repotting, pruning, maintenance, pests and diseases as well as some trade secrets from the specialists at Larchfield Trees, this book will help you to ensure your…

  • Magnolias

    The Plant Lover's Guides are a popular series of full colour books written by knowledgeable and enthusiastic authors. Magnolias are beloved for their iconic spring blossoms are among the most popular flowering trees. The Plant Lover's Guide to Magnolias shares information on garden use, design,…

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Items 49 - 60 of 138
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