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  • Camellias

    Camellias are among the most sophisticated of flowering shrubs, producing an abundant display of elegant flowers during winter and spring. They can be grown singly in containers, in mixed borders, in woodland settings, trained as a hedge or along house walls. This beautifully illustrated handbook…

  • Home Gardener's Trees and Shrubs

    Horticulturist and author David Squire presents his guide to finding the perfect trees and shrubs for your garden. Trees and shrubs can enhance your garden in a variety of ways, from being the focal point to adding height to an overlooked garden. This book provides details on selecting, planting,…

  • Diseases of Trees and Shrubs

    First published in 1987, Diseases of Trees and Shrubs has become a standard reference for plant health specialists, plant diagnosticians, horticulturists, arborists, foresters, and their students. Now thoroughly revised, fully updated, and illustrated with more than 2200 digitally optimized color…

  • Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs

    …acknowledged as a leading expert on trees and shrubs for landscapes. Add to that more than 3500 colour photographs, and indispensable backmatter lists for choosing exactly the right plant for the right purpose, and you have an unsurpassed resource for tree and shrub identification and selection, one…

  • 400 Trees and Shrubs for Small Gardens

    Trees and shrubs are a valuable asset to a garden bringing structure, shade and year-round interest. This book is an indespensible guide to using trees and shrubs in your garden, taking in to consideration foliage, structure, size and shape. Included in the book is a plant directory that provides…

  • Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Flowering Shrubs

    …"Flowering Shrubs" includes: - guidance on choosing flowering shrubs for colour and situation, and practical advice on planting, general care, propagation, pruning and renovation. * Illustrated A-Z profiles of recommended plants * It also features detailed planting plans for using shrubs in borders,…

  • The Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs

    Flowering shrubs provide an important contribution to the structural framework of a garden as well as contributing bursts of colourful blooms. With careful selection, they can keep a garden in flower every month of the year. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs is unique in its…

  • The Hillier manual of Trees & Shrubs

    This revised, updated and extremely manageable edition for on-the-spot reference and text identification of trees and shrubs is a definitive reference work by Hillier nurseries and is recognised as a horticultural classic. It lists over 13 000 plants, representing more than 700 genera. AGM's are…

  • The Creative Shrub Garden

    Eye-Catching Combinations That Make Shrubs the Stars of Your Garden In 'The Creative Shrub Garden' Andy McIndoe provides a truly shrub-focused design guide which shows the reader how to combine shrubs along with perennials and bulbs in attractive, long-lasting planting schemes. He describes how to…

  • RHS Hand Shrub Rake

    Remove the leaves and debris from places a big rake can’t get, so snails don’t have a place to hide. Flat tines gather, rather than stab, the leaves. This handy tool features a smooth hardwood wooden handle and useful leather tie for hanging. Max width 13cm, overall length 40cm.

  • Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Climbers and Wall Shrubs

    …to gardens and Alan Titchmarsh's "How to Garden : Climbers and Wall Shrubs" covers the ins and outs of growing climbers and wall plants to get the very best in terms of cover, cropping and flowering. Climbers and Wall Shrubs looks at flowering plants, fruit and some vegetable plants, showing how…

  • A Naturalist's Guide to the Trees & Shrubs of India

    This easy-to-use identification guide to the 280 tree and shrub species most commonly seen in India is perfect for resident and visitor alike. High quality photographs from India's top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include nomenclature, size,…

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Items 1 - 12 of 211
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