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  • The Creative Shrub Garden

    Eye-Catching Combinations That Make Shrubs the Stars of Your Garden In 'The Creative Shrub Garden' Andy McIndoe provides a truly shrub-focused design guide which shows the reader how to combine shrubs along with perennials and bulbs in attractive, long-lasting planting schemes. He describes how to…

  • Diseases of Trees and Shrubs

    First published in 1987, Diseases of Trees and Shrubs has become a standard reference for plant health specialists, plant diagnosticians, horticulturists, arborists, foresters, and their students. Now thoroughly revised, fully updated, and illustrated with more than 2200 digitally optimized color…

  • Practical Gardening: Techniques, Plants, Planning, Design

    …or even low-maintenance ideas to lessen the workload, here are the skills to guarantee success. There are plenty of tips to incorporate aromatic shrubs and architectural plants into your garden, as well as ideas for filling space with annuals. Schemes for attractive hanging baskets and window boxes…

  • Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs

    shrubs for landscapes. Add to that more than 3500 colour photographs, and indispensable backmatter lists for choosing exactly the right plant for the right purpose, and you have an unsurpassed resource for tree and shrub identification and selection, one that will be embraced by garden designers,

  • 400 Trees and Shrubs for Small Gardens

    Trees and shrubs are a valuable asset to a garden bringing structure, shade and year-round interest. This book is an indespensible guide to using trees and shrubs in your garden, taking in to consideration foliage, structure, size and shape. Included in the book is a plant directory that provides…

  • Designing and Planting Borders

    Beds and borders provide the framework for a garden, but it can be a daunting task to design and plant them. This book provides exciting planting ideas and schemes for borders that are full of shrubs and perennials, and burst with colour and vitality throughout the year. Includes diagrams for…

  • Designing with Succulents

    A complete design compendium showing the dazzling possibilities in shape, texture and colour offered by succulent plants, from the undulating lines of Agave americana 'Marginata' to the frilly-leaved rosettes of echeveria hybrids.

  • Designing with Palms

    …and statement-making plants are large, expensive, difficult to install, and create unique design challenges. In Designing with Palms, palm expert Jason Dewees shares every major aspect of designing and caring for palms. This definitive guide shares essential information on planting, irrigation,…

  • Designing and Creating a Cottage Garden

    …A chapter on planning and design introduces the main styles and the familiar features are then covered in turn - from hedges and fences, to paths, arches, furniture and the creative reuse of materials. The following two chapters focus on growing flowers and shrubs and fruit and vegetables.…

  • Down to Earth

    …jobs he does in his own garden, that he hopes are relevant to you. Discover Monty's thoughts and musings on nature, seasons, colour, design, pests, flowering shrubs, containers, and much more. Monty's intimate and lyrical writing is accompanied by photos of his own garden. The perfect gift for the…

  • Creating a Garden of the Senses

    Incorporate soft, velvety-textured plants and shrubs that cry out to be touched, and tactile floor surfaces that invite bare feet. Experience the soothing sounds of birdsong, the hum of insects, the rustle of leaves and the gentle trickle of water in the garden. Tempt your palate with sweet edible…

  • Forest Gardening

    Designed to achieve the utmost economy of space and labour, a forest garden is a tiny imitation of a natural forest. Once established, it requires minimal maintenance, and can provide year-round produce of herbs, fruit, nuts and root and perennial vegetables. This book includes guidelines on how to…

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Items 1 - 12 of 46
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