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Pruning Guide

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  • RHS Pruning Plant by Plant

    …RHS Pruning Plant by Plant is the only pruning guide in this handy size to tell and show you exactly what you need to do plant by plant. The A-Z organisation helps you find the plant you're looking for fast and the simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams will encourage you to prune with…

  • RHS Simple Steps to Success: Easy Pruning

    …it is. From roses and apple trees to hydrangeas and honeysuckle, inspirational tips and techniques on why it's good to prune, when to do it, how to do it well, what not to prune, training, shaping and more guaranteed success. Get perfect results: whether you're a green-fingered guru or a gardening…

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  • Garden Wisdom

    Plant, water, hoe and prune your way to the perfect garden with the help of this handy book of gardening wisdom. With advice on everything from growing your own vegetables to choosing the perfect plants for your flowerbed, along with thought-provoking quotes to inspire and delight, this book will…

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  • Allotment Month by Month

    A helpful guide that will ensure your plot provides fresh, healthy food all year round. This book lets you follow month-by-month, easy-to-follow advice on what to do on your allotment and how to do it. Pick up time saving tips and techniques on everything from pruning to dealing with pests. There's…

  • Fuchsias

    …garden - as bedding plants, in borders, as hedges, and in containers and baskets - and provides a complete guide to over 35 varieties. From selecting the best types to planting baskets, pruning and training, the book offers expert advice that will help you to grow and enjoy these wonderful plants.

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  • The Complete Houseplant Book

    …containers, feeding and watering, potting and pruning, dealing with problems, and easy ways to propagate house-plants. An A-Z directory features over 350 species, and offers hints and tips on routine care and maintenance. The book is both a reference guide and a practical handbook for all those who…

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  • Essential Pruning Techniques

    …and home gardeners will find all this and more in Essential Pruning Techniques. Tony Kirkham shares decades of knowledge and expertise in this fully illustrated, comprehensive guide. Essential Pruning Techniques offers up-to-date pruning advice for 379 woody plants, step-by-step instruction on the…

  • RHS Pruning & Training (New Edition)

    …trees and shrubs. This book will help you to learn specialised techniques including coppicing, pollarding, and pinch pruning for specific plant types. Whether you're a novice gardener or an amateur expert, RHS Pruning & Training will guide you to prune your garden to perfection all year round.

  • How to Garden: Pruning and Training

    …equipment * Comprehensive instructions on pruning plants, including roses, shrubs and hedges * Tips on how to increase cropping and flowering * Advice on training for shape and support Alan Titchmarsh imparts a lifetime of expertise in these definitive guides for beginners and experienced gardeners.

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  • An Illustrated Guide to Japanese Maples for Garden Planting and Patio Pots

    This fully illustrated book explains how to grow and maintain these versatile and colourful trees. Including sections on propogation, repotting, pruning, maintenance, pests and diseases as well as some trade secrets from the specialists at Larchfield Trees, this book will help you to ensure your…

  • Bob's Basics: Pruning, Training and Tidying

    …confusing and even daunting. In Pruning, Training and Tidying, Bob Flowerdew draws on his long experience as an organic gardener to guide you through the process in his customary clear and straightforward manner. He explains when is the best time of year to prune each plant, tree or shrub, and gives…

  • Home Gardener's Bonsai

    …it provides an all-in-one guide to this ancient and fascinating hobby. The book features advice on looking for and raising trees, handling pests and diseases, using composts, potting, choosing containers, pruning the plants and displaying them. A convenient A-Z guide covers virtually every species…

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Items 1 - 12 of 43
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