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Planting Combinations

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  • The Complete Book of Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit

    …seasons to the huge number of apples that can be grown in even the smallest spaces. The book combines lavish illustration with an accessible layout and details the cultivation, companion planting, pests and diseases and culinary, medicinal and cosmetic uses for each variety. It is a real must-have…

  • The Well Tempered Garden

    This is a classic work by a gardener who combines a passionate love of his subject with a critical intelligence and a good helping of wit. THE WELL-TEMPERED GARDEN is packed with the sort of information keen gardeners crave - from planting, weeding and the pleasures of propagation to annuals, water…

  • No Dig Organic Home & Garden

    …and garden preparations. These approaches work as well in small spaces as in large gardens. The Authors' combined experience gives you ways of growing, preparing and storing the plants you grow for many uses, including delicious vegetable feasts and many recipes and ideas for increasing self…

  • Aquaponic Gardening

    Aquaponics is a revolutionary system for growing plants by fertilising them with the waste water from fish in a sustainable closed system. A combination of the best of aquaculture and hydroponics, aquaponic gardening is an amazingly productive way to grow organic vegetables, greens, herbs and…

  • Making a Wildflower Meadow

    …informative and highly practical text on creating and preserving wildflower meadows, from the smallest garden meadow to large-scale field projects. Combining ecological sustainanbility and hands on gardening this book explains how these 'overgrown' green oases support and sustain a fast-vanishing…

  •  365 Days of Colour

    …garden'. Covering ideas on how to use, combine, design with and prolong colour, the book focuses on achievable ways of growing plants of every tone through 12 months of the year. It provides gardeners with an inspiring and surprising palette of plants to furnish their plots with sumptuous colour…

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Items 49 - 54 of 54
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