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  • Small Summer Gardens

    …alpine flowers, fruit bushes in pots and much more. With Emma Hardy's expert advice, you will learn everything you need to know about growing annuals from seed, growing bulbs, using inexpensive bedding plants in interesting ways, combining perennials and small shrubs and growing and maintaining fru

  • Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life

    The plants and places that inspired the classic children's tales. This book combines rich visuals with quotations from the writer's works, letters, and diaries, to introduce the reader to Beatrix Potter's Lake District gardens Marta McDowell combines the skills of a historian, biographer and…

  • Botanic Gardens

    …botanic gardens combine scientific research, conservation and beauty with public access. For centuries they have variously focused on cultivating medicinal and exotic plants, introducing lucrative crops such as tea and rubber to new countries, preserving international plant collections, scientific…

  • Roses and Rose Gardens

    …the art of rose pruning. As well as showcasing 25 of these gardens, the book spotlights 20 varieties of rose to talk about in detail, describing the individual quality of each rose - why it makes it a good choice, where you can grow it and suggestions on how you might combine it with other plants.

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  • Sidewalk Gardens of New York

    …neighborhoods, these plantings now proliferate throughout the five boroughs. Sidewalk Gardens of New York reveals the transformation of the "city of concrete and glass" into one of the greenest and most richly planted urban centers in America. Nature and architecture combine in ways that will…

  • The Great Chinese Gardens: History, Concepts, Techniques

    …photography and traditional fine art, show how the Chinese art of gardening was perfected over the centuries. The illustrations, combined with notes on design technique and plant care, will inspire and enable gardeners to create their own oasis of tranquility and harmony, as well as casting light on…

  • The Creative Shrub Garden

    …which shows the reader how to combine shrubs along with perennials and bulbs in attractive, long-lasting planting schemes. He describes how to use these low-maintenance woody plants in the way that gardeners normally use perennials. The book contains a planting design chapter which uses a mood-board…

  • The Flower-Powered Garden

    …boisterous combinations are inspired by some of Vernon's favourite things-like sherbet, budgies, and candy. A floripedia of 50 marvellous plants includes colourful favorites like dahlias, petunias, hollyhocks, fuchsias, and more. A section on growing details the basics of planting, watering, soil…

  • Hidden Trees of Britain

    …has 80% of northern Europe's most ancient trees and a remarkable array of woodland types, in particular the huge variety of manifestations and combinations of our native species. Our trees are a defining feature of the British landscape and one of the best-loved aspects of our island. Archie Miles…

  • Using Colour In The Garden

    …year, with practical advice and ideas for stunning combinations. It features easy-to-follow instructions for seasonal gardening tasks - from sowing seeds to overwintering flowers - and details of when plants are at their best. It features planting ideas for low-maintenance, seasonal interest using…

  • Container Theme Gardens

    …specific plants that you can find at your local garden centre, there's something here for every setting and every style, including a meadow in a box, a pond in a pot, a simple salad garden, and a combination that will attract hummingbirds. Each plan includes photographs of what the full planting

  • Fuchsias

    …garden - as bedding plants, in borders, as hedges, and in containers and baskets - and provides a complete guide to over 35 varieties. From selecting the best types to planting baskets, pruning and training, the book offers expert advice that will help you to grow and enjoy these wonderful plants.

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Items 25 - 36 of 59
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