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Plant Identification Book

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  • RHS Pests & Diseases

    Have you got a plant with a problem and don't know how to fix it? This unrivalled practical reference is all you need to nurse it back to health. Drawing on the expertise and authority of the RHS, RHS Pests and Diseases has been carefully conceived to help you make a correct diagnosis and find the…

  • Apples & How To Grow Them

    …of each is shown both cut and whole. There is also detailed information on the origin, parentage and appearance of the apple while still on the tree, with a description of the leaves, taste and texture, as well as any other particular points of interest to help with identification and choice.

  • Collins Gem: Trees

    …species they may come across on hill or in dale, in the town or in the countryside. For each tree included in the book, there is a wealth of both textual and visual identification information. Remarkably detailed illustrations show not only the overall shape of the tree but also details of leaf…

  • Collins Tree Guide

    …The introduction contains illustrations of the main leaves, buds, and firs you are likely to find, and these provide the starting point for identification by leading you to a 'key' species. Within each tree family there is a list of key species and a guide to the most important features to look…

  • RHS Encyclopedia of Herbs

    …cosmetics and herbalism. A quick identification guide covers the familiar as well as rarely-seen species, so you'll always find what you're looking for. Plus, a special warning symbol alerts you to potentially toxic or harmful herbs. Garden designs and planting schemes provide ideas for traditional…

  • Phlox

    This booklet covers the history, identification, cultivation and propagation of Phlox. It also describes the main garden-worthy species and cultivars.

  • Wild Fruit

    plant descriptions equip readers with the knowledge to make correct identifications. Handy pictograms provide key information and the book also features tasting notes and historical information about the uses of many fruits. Wild Fruit is lavishly illustrated with illuminating images of plants at…

  • Collins Funghi Guide

    This book covers the fungi of the British Isles, with considerable relevance for Europe and the wider temperate world. Nearly 2,400 species are illustrated in full colour, with detailed notes on how to correctly identify them, including details of similar, confusing species. Illustrations of young…

  • Blacks Nature Guides: Wild Flowers of Britain & Europe

    …photographs. The images not only show you what the plant looks like in its habitat, but also focus in on specific features such as the leaves or flower head, to aid identification. Clear and concise information is provided, such as when the plant is in flower, the approximate petal size and…

  • The World of Crocuses

    …volume of The World Of Crocuses is lavishly illustrated with numerous photographs, many taken in the wild. The author's enthusiasm for these little plants is infectious. While the descriptions of each species is full and detailed, it is the author's observations of them in the wild and their ecology…

  • The Genus Betula

    …first monograph published on this plant group, the species of which have been notoriously difficult to identify. Accounts are given of all known birches found in Europe, Asia and North America, both white and brown barked, and a key for their identification. An invaluable tool for arboriculturalists…

  • Green Guide to Trees of Britain and Europe

    …introduction contains information on characteristics to help distinguish one family group of trees from another, and there are also keys which provide step-by-step clues to aid identification. Informative and compact, this book is ideal for both home reference and as a pocket companion in the field.

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Items 49 - 60 of 66
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