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Plant Identification Book

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  • The Hillier manual of Trees & Shrubs

    …for on-the-spot reference and text identification of trees and shrubs is a definitive reference work by Hillier nurseries and is recognised as a horticultural classic. It lists over 13 000 plants, representing more than 700 genera. AGM's are highlighted. This book celebrates the 150th anniversary of…

  • Edible Wild Plants & Herbs

    …of all the plants and herbs in the book, ranging from dandelion and sorrel to sea beet and samphire, Edible Wild Plants and Herbs is both a cookbook and field guide to the identification and use of foodstuffs from the wild. There are almost 400 recipes covering nearly 100 different plant varieties…

  • The Kew Plant Glossary

    This plant glossary includes all descriptive terms used in floras, plant field guides and monographs. An essential companion for anyone working with plant descriptions, plant identification keys, floras, monographs and field guides. In this second edition 4,500 botanical terms are described with…

  • The Ultimate Mushroom Book

    …beautifully illustrated book describes the identifying features and habitats of all the most popular edible mushrooms, and each entry includes images of growing mushrooms for accurate identification. Mushrooms are an irresistible source of taste, texture and aroma, and the book describes techniques…

  • Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs

    …than 3500 colour photographs, and indispensable backmatter lists for choosing exactly the right plant for the right purpose, and you have an unsurpassed resource for tree and shrub identification and selection, one that will be embraced by garden designers, landscape architects, urban foresters,…

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  • The Thrifty Forager

    …edibles with a plant directory packed with useful information - photographic identification, plant description and tips on how to grow and how to eat it (including recipes such as fruit leathers and chutney) - that will give you the confidence to identify plants yourself. The book also features…

  • Collins Wild Flower Guide (Paperback)

    …ensure accurate, detailed illustrations. Species are described and illustrated on the same page, with up-to-date authoritative text aiding identification. Plants are arranged by family, with their key features highlighted for quick and easy reference. The text offers a complete account of over 1,900…

  • The Wild Flower Key

    …the Latin names have been revised in accordance with the current classification system. It is now published as the ideal book for the serious student of British and north-west European wild plants, providing a bridge between picture identification guides and the non-illustrated academic floras.

  • Guide to Foraging: Top 25 Edible Plants

    The guide covers the top 25 most common and tasty plants that can be found from just outside your front door. Beautiful colour illustrations by Lizzie Harper, as well as a detailed identification table, will give you confidence in identifying which species to eat.

  • Identification of Trees and Shrubs in Winter Using Buds and Twigs

    …important during planting time. Author Bernd Schulz's unrivalled masterpiece is a practical guide to identifying trees and shrubs in winter. Comprehensive and easy to use, it contains over 700 species identifiable via their winter buds and twigs. The illustrated identification keys are easy to u

  • British Plant Galls

    This AIDGAP identification guide contains around 300 keys to galls on plants in Britain, arranged alphabetically by genus of host plant. British plant galls in 2002, itself building on an earlier guide produced in 1986, stimulated more interest in plant galls, resulting in the discovery of new galls…

  • The Kew Tropical Plant Identification Handbook

    plants they encounter. This second edition of The Kew Tropical Plant Families Identification Handbook brings together this knowledge in a guide to the commonly encountered and ecologically important plants of the tropics. Written by Kew's experts, this handbook is based on Kew's Tropical Plant

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Items 1 - 12 of 64
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