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Plant Hunters

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  • The Plant Hunters

    The Plant Hunters tells the story of our fascination with plants and the discovery of new species. From ancient times, when Alexander the Great included naturalists in his entourage, this intriguing story moves across the world, as plants such as coconut trees, roses and numerous fruits and…

  • The Orchid Hunter

    …growing season- and it will require ingenuity, stamina and a large dose of luck. Like Two Owls at Eton and My Family and Other Animals, The Orchid Hunter is a charming account of a precocious adolescent's obsession with the natural world. As he battles the vagaries of the British climate in his…

  • East African Plant Collectors

    …as a supplement to the now complete Flora of Tropical East Africa. The profiles give an indication of careers and interests, the places where the plants have been collected and herbaria in which the specimens are located. A timeline and a synopsis give an idea of professions and the changes through…

  • Wilson's China : A Century On

    From the back cover: "Follow two modern-day plant hunters through China as they retrace the journeys of a renowned Edwardian predecessor: Ernest 'Chinese' Wilson ( E. H. Wilson, 1876-1930). A compelling narrative - and striking series of matching 'then and now' photographs spanning a century -…

  • Primrose

    …cultural foundations. When undaunted plant hunters risked their lives to introduce the many Himalayan primroses of breath taking beauty, the primrose gained iconic status. Capable of endless variation, primroses have captured the attention of gardeners, plant breeders, and scientists, while artists…

  • The New Encyclopedia of Orchids

    …of 1500 species, wonderfully illustrated with around 1000 photographs. The author's experience as a scientist, plant hunter and horticulturalist adds great depth to the plant descriptions and selection. The encyclopedia contains extensive information about each orchid's cultivation, along…

  • Blue Orchid and Big Tree

    …successful plant hunters. Employed by James Veitch, the visionary owner of the horticultural nursery James Veitch & Son, the brothers spent years exploring remote landscapes in distant and often dangerous countries, often risking life and limb in search of new and unusual plants, all to satisfy…

  • RHS Latin for Gardeners

    …Fascinating feature spreads retell the adventures of important plant hunters such as Sir Joseph Banks and Alexander von Humboldt, and explain how their discoveries affect the way our gardens look today. Individual plants are also profiled throughout, showing how their names can illuminate…

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  • The Orchid

    …and often elusive, orchids can be found in nearly all environments, ranging from sea level to an elevation of almost 5,000 metres. Victorian plant hunters scoured the globe for new species to bring back for botanical gardens and private collectors; "orchidmania" among gardeners was born and persists…

  • Geranium

    …and its many species, much loved and also much loathed, have developed since the seventeenth century into one of the most popular garden plants. In this book, Kasia Boddy tells the story of geranium’s seemingly inexorable rise, unearthing the role it has played in everything from plant-hunting…

  • Gardening Across the Pond: Anglo-American Exchanges, from the Settlers in Virginia to Prairie Gardening

    …From the early settlers taking their familiar English plants to the New World and early plant-hunters bringing back exciting new plants for English gardens to the twenty-first-century English infatuation with ‘prairie gardening’, ideas and plants have been crossing and re-crossing the Atlantic. In…

  • Plants: From Roots to Riches

    …our relationship with plants. As the British Empire painted the atlas red, explorers, adventurers and scientists brought the most interesting specimens and information back to London. From the discovery of Botany Bay to the horrors of the potato famine, from orchid hunters to quinine smugglers, from…

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Items 1 - 12 of 17
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