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Plant Breeding

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  • Hybrid: The History and Science of Plant Breeding

    …are themselves far from anything that could properly be called natural; rather, they represent the end of a millennia-long history of selective breeding and hybridization. Drawing on historical and scientific accounts, as well as a rich trove of anecdotes, Kingsbury shows how scientists, amateur…

  • Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

    …or its location. Learn about the basics of butterfly lifecycles, preferred habitats, human impact on populations, types of garden, breeding and overwintering. Delve into the handy directory listings of plant species to attract butterflies, common garden butterflies and food plants for caterpillars.

  • Flora Japonica

    …identifying, naming and classifying many native plants and sending specimens around the world. Many beautiful Japanese plants (e.g. Hydrangea, Lily, Hosta, Camellia) were introduced into European countries, influencing horticulture and the breeding of new varieties. And as a result, this interest…

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  • RHS Book of Pears

    …unique book is an indispensable and one-of-a-kind guide. It tells the story of the pear from its delightful taste and wonderful appearance to breeding and cultivation, following the fruit's journey through history and around the world. Beautifully illustrated with 40 botanical watercolour paintings…

  • Apples & How To Grow Them

    …as well as harvesting and storing the apples. It outlines the fascinating story of apple cultivation across the continents, and modern methods of breeding and developing new cultivars. To help you choose a suitable variety, there is a visual directory, showing over 400 apple types and a photograph…

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  • The Daylily: A Guide for Gardeners

    An authoritative overview of all aspects of daylily history, cultivation and breeding. In the heart of the book, the authors detail the various types of hybrids and provide indispensable advice for growing all of them successfully.

  • The International Dianthus Register and Checklist 2016

    …This book also includes a classified list of A-Z individuals, nurseries and organisations involved in Dianthus breeding, as well as descriptions of individual flowers, information on the origins of the plants concerned, the people involved in their development and introduction. - 22.5 x 16 x 6.5cm

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  • Japanese Maples

    …maples are unlike any other tree. They boast a remarkable diversity of colour, form, and texture. As a result of hundreds of years of careful breeding, they take the center stage in any garden they are found. In the last decade, the number of Japanese maple cultivars available to gardeners has…

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  • The Pottery Gardener

    …gardener, florist and poultry keeper Arthur Parkinson descriptively and visually shares his stunning work. With seasonal tips on container planting, plant profiles and helpful guides to keeping fowl and flower-arranging, The Pottery Gardener is sure to delight gardeners, hen fanciers and Emma…

  • Happy Cactus

    …to make your little bundle of spikes thrive, flower and breed? This quirky pocket-sized book is your essential guide to pleasing your prickly pet. Your cactus may be surviving, but is it happy? There's so much more to these little green plants than just keeping them alive. Happy Cactus gets right to…

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Items 1 - 10 of 10
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