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  • The New Encyclopedia of Orchids: 1500 Species in Cultivation

    A reference that no orchid lover can afford to be without. This detailed and carefully researched encyclopedia contains information on more than 350 genera of cultivated orchid, with descriptions of 1500 species, wonderfully illustrated with around 1000 photographs. The author's experience as a…

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  • Bloom-Again Orchids

    …to know what makes them happy. "Bloom-Again Orchids" highlights the easiest, most fuss-free varieties and includes invaluable tips on where to buy orchids and how to keep them in bloom. Each of the fifty profiles focuses on a commonly available orchid variety and includes a description, photograph,…

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  • Sander’s List of Orchid Hybrids Three Year Addendum 2014 - 2016

    The latest edition of the three-year (13th) addendum to Sander’s list of orchid hybrids published by the Royal Horticultural Society. It contains names, parentage, and names of registrant and originator for all orchid hybrids registered between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2016 – about 9,000…

  • Wild Orchids of Surrey

    This compact field guide book is a photographic book of wild Orchids in Surrey and other parts of Britain. A pocket sized reference book for the new enthusiasts. It contains large photographs to aid identification of each species, brief, comprehensive, descriptive text/glossary and translation of…

  • Orchids Of Tropical America

    Orchids of Tropical America is an entertaining, informative, and splendidly illustrated introduction to the orchid family ranging from Mexico and the Caribbean to Bolivia and Brazil. Orchids reach their peak diversity in the tropical countries of the Western Hemisphere, including more than 2,500…

  • Blue Orchid and Big Tree

    A story of bravery, hardship and adventure, of how Cornish brothers William and Thomas Lobb became two of England's most successful plant hunters. Employed by James Veitch, the visionary owner of the horticultural nursery James Veitch & Son, the brothers spent years exploring remote landscapes…

  • Orchids

    A beautiful, richly illustrated book on Europe's wild orchids - perhaps the most enigmatic and popular group in the botanical world. The orchid family (Orchidaceae), numbering some 25,000 species, is one of the world's two largest families of flowering plants. Whilst the vast major

  • Britain's Orchids

    A comprehensive photographic guide to the orchids of Britain and Ireland.

  • Orchids For Dummies

    orchids, keep them healthy, encourage blooms, and even propagate your own plants. Discover how to:* Select orchids that will thrive in your home* Water, fertilize, repot, and propagate orchids * Decipher complicated orchid names* Get familiar with favorite orchid varieties* Create spectacular orchid

  • Growing Hardy Orchids

    …Focusing on the cultivation of orchids in greenhouses, pots, and gardens, "Growing Hardy Orchids" offers a wealth of advice on planting seedlings, ensuring nutritional needs will be met, and preventing pests and diseases, all clearly explained through the basics of orchid structure and life history.

  • Orchids of South Africa

    Orchids of South Africa is the first field guide to local orchids to be published in over 30 years, and presents the more than 450 orchid species found in the region, including Lesotho and Swaziland. A comprehensive roundup of orchids in their natural habitat, the book features multiple photos for…

  • Growing Windowsill Orchids

    From elegant warmth-loving moth orchids to exquisite slipper orchid, Growing Windowsill Orchids tells you everything you need to know about successful orchid growing in the home. Written in non-technical language and copiously illustrated with photographs and informative line drawings, this new…

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Items 1 - 12 of 52
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