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Latin For Gardeners

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  • RHS Latin for Gardeners

    RHS Latin for Gardeners is an informative, entertaining and beautifully illustrated unraveling of the mysteries of botanical Latin. Over 3,000 Latin names are listed alphabetically, showing how plant names can reveal where a plant originally comes from (and thus its preferred growing conditions),…

  • Botanical Latin

    …and syntax of botanical Latin, and covers the roots and origins of Latin and latinised geographical names, colour terms, symbols and abbreviations, diagnoses and descriptions, and the formation of names and epithets. An invaluable source of information for gardeners, botanists, scientific historians…

  • RHS Genealogy for Gardeners

    RHS Genealogy for Gardeners is part of the bestselling series that includes RHS Latin for Gardeners and RHS Botany for Gardeners. This informative, easy-to-understand and beautifully designed reference book explores plant families and the plant family tree in unparalleled detail. From roses…

  • A Little Book of Latin for Gardeners

    …adventurous exploration of the mysteries of Botanical Latin. Evolved over many centuries and often thought to belong to the rarefied world of scholars and scientists, this invented language is in fact a very useful tool for everyday gardening. It allows us to find our way around nurseries; it sorts…

  • RHS Practical Latin for Gardeners

    …Practical Latin for Gardeners contains 1,500 of the most useful and most widespread Latin names, organised into thematic chapters including Colour, Size, Form and Habitat. Each chapter is further subdivided into smaller groups, such as large plants and small plants. This allows gardeners to make new…

  • RHS Gardener's Quiz & Puzzle Book

    100 Brainteasers for Gardeners Who Know Their Onions Ever wanted to show just how much you know about roses? Or see if you can remember the Latin name for Japanese Maple? RHS Gardener's Quiz & Puzzle Book is designed to test your horticultural and botanical knowledge with puzzles to delight and…

  • Cottage Garden Flowers

    This classic 1960s gardening text remains a go-to book for green-thumbed gardeners. Readers are guided through techniques for creating and maintaining a cottage garden with humour and ease, perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners. Cottage Garden Flowers covers plants that grow easily…

  • Name That Plant: An Illustrated Guide

    Botanical Latin has become a common language for the dedicated gardener. But for the less experienced the Latin names can appear confusing. However, once you understand the basic rules they are actually rather easy to use. It is quite common for people to refer to plants by either their common or…

  • Gardening: A Beginner's Guide

    …your garden - whatever the size, choosing the right plants for the soil and position, caring for your lawn and growing fruit and vegetables. Gardening indoors and maintenance are also included. Written by an experienced garden journalist, this no-nonsense guide uses common names rather than Latin

  • Discovering Wild Plant Names

    …in Great Britain. With detailed line drawings of some of the plants mentioned, John E. Stevens provides a comprehensive glossary of plant names from 'Aaron's rod' to 'Yew', making this a perfect pocket guide for keen gardeners and plant enthusiasts needing help with the confusing world of etymology.

  • The Wild Flower Key

    …as the best of its kind for its combination of meticulous illustrations and the use of keys to aid recognition. For this new edition the Latin names have been revised in accordance with the current classification system. It is now published as the ideal book for the serious student of British…

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Items 1 - 11 of 11
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