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Indoor Plants

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  • RHS Practical House Plant Book

    …Houseplant Book contains a dozen stunning step-by-step projects to help you assemble an eye-catching terrarium, create a floating kokedama 'string garden', or propagate succulents for your friends. Complete with 200 in-depth plant profiles, this is the essential practical guide for indoor gardeners.

  • Happy Houseplants

    This is a fun and visually delightful introductory guide to growing 30 varieties of houseplants. Featuring lovely watercolour illustrations of each variety along with step-by-step care instructions for soil, light, water, and fertiliser, this is a gateway gardening book with high gift appeal.

  • House of Plants

    …OF PLANTS is a practical and beautiful guide to how to love and care for your succulents, cacti, tropical and air plants. These indoor plants are handsome, hardy and perfect for urban living - and this book is a comprehensive companion, showing you how to nurture and enjoy these plants, as well…

  • Spring Bulbs

    …handbook contains advice for planting, propagating, feeding and lifting bulbs, with a wonderfully illustrated directory that explains the history, growth, hue, height and suitability of 45 varieties. There are cultivation ideas for using spring bulbs in the garden and indoors, and in window boxes,…

  • RHS 50 Plants You Can't Kill

    Surefire Plants to Grow Indoors and Out. It's time to take control of your outdoor (or indoor) space with 50 Plants That You Can't Kill. These 50 easy-to-grow plants have been selected for their love of neglect and their ability to withstand even the most forgetful of gardeners. Whether you're…

  • Growing Trees and Shrubs Indoors: Breathe New Life into Your Home with Large Plants

    …our homes. Growing trees and shrubs indoors might seem like a monumental challenge, but it's no different than growing any plants indoors. Written by master gardener D.J. Herda, Growing Trees and Shrubs Indoors is a definitive guide on what makes these plants special and all the tips and tricks you…

  • Indoor Edible Garden

    …creating a mini greenhouse indoors, this book with teach you how to make the most of your indoor space and turn windowsills, worktops, walls, balconies, and even ceilings into stunning and delicious indoor gardens. Filled with all the knowledge you need to understand which plant varieties thrive in…

  • Carnivorous Plants

    …guide shows gardeners how to incorporate carnivorous plants into gardens, containers and indoor displays, complete with advice on year-round care, cultivation and maintenance. It offers a general introduction to the world of carnivorous plants, and growing and cultivation information for commonly…

  • At Home with Plants

    planting is becoming increasingly easy to achieve. The new wave of unusual and dramatic indoor plants is as much about decor and statement as greenery. Used aesthetically, as a focal point and sculptural element in interior design, indoor gardening is not just about possessing or growing a plant,

  • Plant Love

    …explores all the possible indoor plant options available, helping you to find the perfect plant for any location, from cool, shady bedrooms to warm, sunny kitchen windowsills. As well as more traditional indoor plants, Alys looks at specialist plant groups such as indoor tropical edibles, orchids,…

  • Plant Craft

    Plant Craft will help you incorporate nature into your home with stylish projects. Fully illustrated with 30 step-by-step projects and colour photographs inspired by the authenticity of the world around us. Interior stylist Caitlin Atkinson helps match your tastes with nature’s handiwork. You'll…

  • Green, Greener, Greenest: Facades, Roof, Indoors

    …and interior of building envelopes cannot be matched by any other construction principles. As a result, a great variety of possibilities for planting facades, roofs and interior spaces are constantly being developed, tested and applied. The cross-discipline interlacing of technical and design…

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Items 1 - 12 of 63
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