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Growing From Seed

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  • RHS Gardening for Mindfulness

    …wildlife and escape from the chaotic world with gardening. Horticulturalist and mindfulness practitioner Holly Farrell provides an insightful guide into being a mindful gardener with projects, meditations and inspiration. Features projects including growing something from seed, planting a tree and…

  • Homegrown Tea

    Homegrown Tea explains how to grow a large variety of plants in your own garden, on a balcony or even on a window sill could become your tea cupboard. It shows you how to grow your tea from seeds, cuttings, or small plants, as well as which parts of the plant are used to make tea. Liversidge lays…

  • RHS Red Hot Chilli Grower

    …dozens of shapes, colours and degrees of spiciness - from sweet and succulent to blow-your-head-off hot. RHS Red Hot Chilli Grower provides everything you need to grow your own chillies from scratch, with step-by-step instructions for sowing seeds, caring for the plants, harvesting the fruit and…

  • Round Pot Tamper

    Promote successful seed germination by ensuring round pots are filled with firm and level compost for improved seed germination. This round tamper is made from FSC certified beech wood, measuring 8cm in diameter. It will help achieve optimum growing conditions and comes with a full set of…

  • The Salad Garden

    A guide to growing more than 200 salad plants. The Salad Garden covers all you need to know, from site preparation to harvesting, detailing special planting techniques, advice on the best varieties (for growing and for flavour) and plenty of tips and tricks for bountiful crops. Joy Larkcom also…

  • Epic Tomatoes

    …needs to know about growing over 200 varieties of tomatoes - how to sow seeds, plant, cultivate, and collect seeds. It also offers a comprehensive guide to pests and diseases of tomatoes. No other book offers such a detailed look at the specifics of growing tomatoes, from the point of view of…

  • Gardeners' World: The Veg Grower's Almanac

    Growing vegetables can be a tricky business, and even the most experienced of gardeners will occasionally need to turn to a trusted tome for some handy advice. The Veg Grower's Almanac is just such a book - a compendium of month-by-month tips, advice and items of interest. With sage advice from old…

  • Martha's Flowers

    …yet inspired book. Learn how and when to plant, nurture, and at the perfect time, cut from your garden. With lush blooms in hand, discover how to build stunning arrangements. Accompanied by beautiful photographs of displays in Martha's home, bursting with ideas, and covering every step from seed

  • RHS Simple Steps to Success: Vegetables in a Small Garden

    …by step advice to gardening success, from our RHS experts. Follow our vegetable show-how and know-how for a garden that looks great all year round. From root veg to herbs and salads, inspirational tips and techniques on choosing the right seeds, growing organic, finding the best site, fertilisers,…

  • Bob's Basics: Sowing, planting, watering and feeding

    …a seed in the soil and watching it grow. Bob Flowerdew draws on his 30 years of experience to guide you, step-by-step, through the process of preparing for, planting and nurturing your plants. He will guide you around the common mistakes, make sure you don't dampen off your seeds, save you from over…

  • Home Gardener's Propagation

    …of the art of propagation is covered, from the philosophy behind creating plants to the easiest species to grow to the best materials and equipment. All the major methods receive well-illustrated, in-depth, and easy to follow explanations, including seeds and cuttings, division and layering, and…

  • Incredible Edibles

    …experiences, Incredible Edibles has something for everyone. It offers step-by-step instructions, giving you the confidence to grow some unusually tasty crops; from the well-known turmeric and goji berry, to the more exotic cucamelon and strawberry spinach. It includes guidance on how to store,…

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Items 25 - 36 of 40
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