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  • Building with Secondhand Stuff

    …advantage of these chances to gather free (or nearly free) project supplies and put them to work in your house. This second edition of the best-selling book includes new projects such as a pallet chair, pallet table, chalkboard message door, door-backed island, and a reclaimed window greenhouse.

  • Growing Tomatoes

    …soil for planting, sowing under glass, harvesting, storing and preserving. It features step-by-step instruction on cultivating tomatoes in a greenhouse, in containers and in the garden. It offers helpful hints on how to avoid common pests and diseases, and what to do when problems occur. First…

  • Hydroponics for the Home Grower

    …how to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, arugula, bok choy, and various herbs year-round within your home or in a backyard greenhouse. With Dr. Howard Resh's help, you'll learn: * Background information on how hydroponics evolved* The nutritional and environmental demands of…

  • Growing Vegetables & Fruit Around the Year

    …preparing the ground, planting seeds, pricking out seedlings, harvesting and storing vegetables, training fruit and feeding and watering in the greenhouse. "Growing Vegetables and Fruit" features exciting projects for every gardening season so you can add interest all around the year. A Jobs in…

  • Growing Hardy Orchids

    …to beautify their yards will delight in this well-researched and practical step-by-step guide. Focusing on the cultivation of orchids in greenhouses, pots, and gardens, "Growing Hardy Orchids" offers a wealth of advice on planting seedlings, ensuring nutritional needs will be met, and preventing…

  • Lancelot Brown and the Capability Men

    …with a whole design 'package', which included new greenhouses, kitchen gardens and land drainage schemes. There were also many other landscape designers in Georgian England, yet Brown’s business and success was more commercially prominent. This book explores the nature and organisation of Brown’s…

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Items 25 - 30 of 30
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