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Gardening Diary Month By Month

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  • RHS Gardening Month by Month

    …do when, but shows you how to do it. Follow over 1,300 seasonal tasks for every part of the garden, expert plant advice, including star plants from January to December, and tips on organisation. Whether you are a green-fingered guru or are just starting out, enjoy 12 months of successful gardening.

  • Allotment Month By Month

    …fresh, seasonal produce in your allotment or kitchen garden all year round with the bestselling guide from Alan Buckingham. Allotment Month by Month takes the uncertainty out of your harvest with clear, reliable gardening advice for every month of the year. In-depth crop planners show you when to…

  • Wild Flowers of Britain: Month by Month

    …of flowers if you drew them for me, in the months they’re in flower’! This book serves the original purpose Margaret envisioned it to be, an attractive way to learn the names of our beautiful wild flowers. Each wildflower is presented month by month, from the meadow buttercup in June to the maple…

  • Veg in One Bed: How to Grow an Abundance of Food in One Raised Bed, Month by Month

    …YouTube gardening sensation Huw Richards shows you how to grow vegetables easily, organically, abundantly and inexpensively so you have something to harvest every month of the year. Month by month, discover what you need to do and how to do it. Try it in your allotment, a small garden, or even on…

  • RHS Gardening Through the Year

    …followed by an inspirational gallery of "Star Plants" to showcase the visual highlights of the month. The rest of each chapter is packed with advice on plant care, maintaining garden features such as lawns and ponds, what to prune when, and illustrated step-by-step projects and gardening ideas.

  • Down To Earth: Gardening Wisdom (Paperback)

    …thoughts and garden ideas around nature, seasons, colour, design, pests, flowering shrubs, containers, and much more. Read about the month-by month jobs he does in his own garden that he hopes are relevant to you. Monty's intimate and lyrical writing is accompanied by photos of his garden, showing…

  • RHS Pruning Plant by Plant

    …to do plant by plant. The A-Z organisation helps you find the plant you're looking for fast and the simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams will encourage you to prune with confidence. RHS Pruning Plant by Plant is essential pruning advice for novices and experienced gardeners alike and its…

  • Led by the Land: Landscapes

    …his unusual vision and his acute grasp of how people have moulded their environment over the centuries. This updated version of his classic book, Led by the Land, has been expanded to include fresh thoughts on farming and settlement and new projects, both huge and intimate, from the designs for new…

  • Moon Gardening

    Increase the vitality of your garden by learning the benefits of lunar and biodynamic gardening. Biodynamic gardening means taking a holistic approach to the garden, being aware of the interrelatedness of the soil, plants, and vegetables. The principles of biodynamics also bring a spiritual aspect…

  • Butterfly Gardening

    This second guide in the Gardening with Nature Series gives step by step advice on how to encourage butterflies to your garden. Jenny Steel describes the importance of providing shelter and avoiding the use of pesticides, with lists of suitable nectar and larval plants, and their maintenance.

  • Greenhouse Gardening

    Packed with advice and tips, this practical book explains how to get the most from your greenhouse. By first looking at the design and site of the greenhouse, it leads the gardener through the joys and opportunities of growing a large range of plants, both edible and ornamental, under glass that…

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  • Gardening Vertically

    …plants he designed especially for her, with step-by-step photographs to guide gardeners through construction, planting and irrigation. Vialard goes on to offer two-dozen different ideas for vertical garden compositions, describing each composition with an illustration and simple instructions…

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Items 1 - 12 of 1580
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