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  • Garden Design With Stone, Wood, Glass and Steel

    …hard landscaping solutions for gardens, courtyards and terraces, using stone, wood, concrete, glass, metals, clay, synthetics and organic materials. It presents a range of stunning creative ideas for flooring, surfaces, screens and boundaries, construction, furniture, containers and sculpture. It…

  • Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture

    With a few basic tools and a weekend, anyone can build a beautiful project out of wood for their outdoor space! Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture covers the basics of woodworking-how to measure, where and how to shop, and how to screw, sand, and paint. The 20 step-by-step projects are organised by level…

  • Garden on Top

    …level" of garden design. They are lofty lifestyle oases - modern, rural, romantic or classic - that show nature and architecture in perfect harmony. In this book, renowned architects and garden designers present exclusive roof garden ideas with contemporary materials, trendy furniture, tried and…

  • 500 Practical Ideas in Modern Garden Design

    …flowers. An Ecological Garden: Patios with vegetation; irrigation; climate control; natural shade; green roofs and walls. An Urban Garden: Terraces; courtyards; balconies; indoor gardens. Home Extensions: Bathing; cooking; outdoor rooms. Garden Decorating: Outdoor furniture; lighting; accessories.

  • The Arts and Crafts Garden

    …quite counter to Victorian and Edwardian industrialism. Though most famous for its architecture, furniture and ornamental work, between the 1890s and the 1930s the movement also produced gardens all over Britain whose designs, redolent of a lost golden era, had worldwide influence. These designs,…

  • A Child's Garden

    "A Child's Garden" offers a wide range of ideas to help you create special places in which children can experience nature on their own home turf. There are child-friendly ponds, places for pets, out-of-the-ordinary sandboxes, along with paths, mazes, furniture, peepholes, and scores of ideas for…

  • The Less Is More Garden

    …to gardens, bigger isn't always better. A larger space requires more plants, more furniture, more maintenance, and more time. A smaller space takes less time to design, install, and care for and makes it easier for gardeners to take advantage of every square foot of space. The Less Is More Garden

  • Magical Miniature Gardens & Homes

    …Webber-crafter, fairy gardening guru and creator of FairyGardens.com -takes readers on a journey to build unique gardens, houses and accessories for fairies. The garden designs are low-cost and low-care, highlighting common, long-lasting plants. The accessories and furniture projects are easy to…

  • Chevening

    …and at Chevening as patrons of architecture and art. This new guide highlights the contributions of the Earls and Countesses Stanhope to the building, furniture, pictures, gardens and landscape of Chevening. It also gives a short account of the family in the wider world in order to set their creatio

  • The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Patio, Terrace, Backyard & Courtyard Gardening

    This book shows you how to plan, design and plant up beautiful and easy-to-maintain garden courtyards, walled spaces, patios, terraces and enclosed backyards. You can create a courtyard in any style - a traditional patio, a Mediterranean-style terrace, an outdoor living and dining space, a…

  • The Collins Beekeeper's Bible: Bees Honey Recipes and Other Home Uses

    …beekeeping and much more besides. Discover bees in literature, learn how to craft beeswax candles, preserve fine wood with your own home-made furniture polish, or indulge your skin with lavender and beeswax hand cream. Enjoy over 100 glorious honey recipes for cakes and breads, sauces and marinades,…

  • The Wood Book

    …of trees and their utility as a renewable resource. As a result of this, wood is now widely used as a material for tools, structures, vehicles, furniture decorative items and much more. From carpenters to architects, builders and craftspeople, and anyone who works with or has a special interest in…

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Items 1 - 12 of 16
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