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  • Refresh Your Garden Design

    …idea why or what to do about it. In this friendly guide, acclaimed landscape designer and best-selling author Rebecca Sweet offers simple strategies for transforming established plots and empty spaces into the garden of your dreams--a place that soothes your soul and revives your spirits year-round.…

  • RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design

    …Horticultural Society garden design experts. Whether you're looking to revive a tired flowerbed or aiming for a complete design overhaul, the RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design will show you how to make your ideal garden a reality. Grasp the fundamentals of garden design, find a style that suits…

  • Great Garden Design

    Presenting the best garden designs of the last ten years from more than 50 top garden designers. Offering design solutions for every area, taste and budget, and any size of garden. Presenting the best garden designs of the past ten years from more than 50 top garden designers. This book offers…

  • Rooftop Garden Design

    …and enthusiasm among architects, landscape designers, and urban planners. This richly illustrated book provides a comprehensive guide to contemporary trends in rooftop garden design, and provides definitive theory and design industry knowledge. The designers of the project case studies are leaders…

  • Garden Design Solutions

    Award-winning garden designer Stephen Woodhams demonstrates how to make the most of any outside space, whether it is a typical urban garden, exposed roof terrace or shady courtyard. Drawing on his many years of experience designing gardens of all sizes in different climates around the world, Stephen…

  • Garden Design Bible

    design with easy-to-care-for plants or a family garden with room to grow culinary herbs? Whatever your desire, the Garden Design Bible has a plan that you can adapt to your own space. Choose from 40 off-the-peg designs, or mix and match elements from several to create your ideal garden. Each design

  • Modern Tropical Garden Design

    Asia's leading landscape designer shows how the most exuberant tropical plants and design inspirations have a place even in modern gardens.

  • Garden Design Close Up

    …Japanese, Garden Design Close Up is a font of inspiration for those looking to give their garden a contemporary makeover. Focusing on 100 real gardens of diverse types around the globe, the book provides in-depth information about contemporary styles. The featured selections are designed by leading…

  • Japanese Garden Design

    …book explains the theory, history, and intricacies of Japanese gardening. The creation of a Japanese garden combines respect for nature with adherence to simple principles of aesthetics and structure. In Japanese Garden Design, landscape architect Marc Peter Keane presents the history and…

  • How to Garden: Garden Design

    design a reality with planting, laying and construction guides. It includes advice on how to: work with design principles such as scale, proportion, balance and unity; design around the shape, size, setting, topography, soil, aspect/orientation and microclimate of your garden; build a rock garden;

  • Garden Designers at Home

    …familiar with the gardens designers have created for their clients, but what happens in their own backyards? This fascinating book takes a peek at the gardens of some of the world's most influential designers, investigating how they differ from their commissioned work, the design process, and how…

  • Landscape and Garden Design Sketchbooks

    …hundreds of drawings and illustrations as diverse as their creators, Landscape and Garden Design Sketchbooks is a continual source of inspiration for planting, design elements, colour schemes and materials, encouraging weekend gardeners, design professionals and students to draw their ideas by hand.

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Items 1 - 12 of 700
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