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  • Bashful Bunny Saffron Medium

    Wonderfully warm in marmalade fur, Bashful Saffron Bunny's a treasure. This lopsy bunny is cinnamon-sweet, with soft, spicy fur and delightful ears. She loves to help cook, and her perky nose will help to tell when everything's done to perfection! Measures 31cm tall. Suitable for all ages. Hand wash…

  • Christmas Crowd Family Games Night

    Unleash your inner diva with a music challenge or deliver your most Oscar-worthy charades performance to be crowned champion of the compendium. Games include Charades, Shout out, Hum that tune, Names and Trivia. Each box contains 2 kazoos, 80 double sided cards and card trophy. If you can't get…

  • Board Games to Create and Play: Invent 100s of games with friends and family

    …Catan with this creative board game book! With over 55 boards to customize, Board Games to Create and Play is a doodle book where every page is an unfinished tabletop game. Just learn the basic concepts, colour and play! In this interactive gaming book, Board Games to Create and Play teaches you…

  • Frog Party Game

    …on the double spinner, before the progress to the tried and tested number line method of basic addition. A fun game designed to support children learning to count up to ten. This game also helps to develop personal and social skills, encourages discussion, counting and observational skills. - Ages…

  • Match a Pair of Birds: A Memory Game

    …illustrated memory game. To play, simply place the cards face down and see if you can remember where the matching bird is located.Collect more pairs than your opponent to win! With species from the barn owl to the blue tit and the ostrich to the macaw this fun and educational game is an ideal gift…

  • 101 Things for Kids to Do Outside

    …with games, projects, crafts, experiments and gardening inspiration, 101 Things for Kids to do Outside will have your children racing out to try something new. The huge selection of ideas covers all four seasons and ranges from quick 10-minute activities to a full day of fun. From party games and…

  • The LEGO Book New Edition

    …minifigures, movies, games and more. Take a dazzling visual tour through all the groundbreaking moments in LEGO® history, from the company's humble beginnings in a carpenter's workshop to the invention of the iconic LEGO brick and LEGO minifigure, through to the stunning toys, video games and movies…

  • RHS English Country Garden Bridge Tally Sheets

    Bridge is a card game of advanced skill, which has origins dating back to the 19th and 20 centuries. Designed for group play, this game is played by four people in two pairs. Our beautiful Bridge Tallies feature artwork inspired by the English countryside, this pattern features beautiful botanical…

  • Spotty Dogs

    A fun and educational game for children which encourages them to count individually rather than just recognise a pattern from a dice. To play - Match the spots on the dogs to the number on the spinner and count the number of bones in the dogs' basket on the other side. The player with the most bones…

  • Everything You Need to Know About Birds

    …where, which is the biggest bird and get up close to birds of prey. Find out about all different types of birds and how they eat, sleep and survive! From barn owls to golden eagles, this book is packed with amazing facts, games and quizzes to teach you all about the most amazing birds in the world.

  • 365 Things to Do with LEGO® Bricks

    …at your LEGO bricks in new and exciting ways and enjoy LEGO fun every day of the year. Featuring imaginative play and building ideas, from LEGO games that take just a few minutes and require a handful of bricks, to inspirational build ideas and activities to keep you occupied for hours. 365 Things…

  • Hummingbird Trellis Bridge Tallies

    Bridge is a card game of advanced skill, which has origins dating back to the 19th and 20 centuries. Designed for group play, this game is played by four people in two pairs. A lovely accent for any room, bridge encourages conversation and friendly competition among new and old friends. These…

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Items 1 - 12 of 115
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