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Cottage Gardens

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  • Life in a Cottage Garden

    In this wonderful gardening journal, which accompanies the BBC2 series of the same name, Carol Klein, with characteristic warmth and eloquence, tells us the story of a year in her beautiful garden at Glebe Cottage. With superb photography throughout, she takes us on a procession through the seasons,…

  • Cottage Garden Flowers

    This classic 1960s gardening text remains a go-to book for green-thumbed gardeners. Readers are guided through techniques for creating and maintaining a cottage garden with humour and ease, perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners. Cottage Garden Flowers covers plants that grow easily…

  • 150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas

    …collection of cottages and cabins from around the world. Adapted to the specific needs and particular tastes of individual clients, these idyllic getaway homes and country hideaways incorporate practical, innovative, and stunning solutions for a variety of design needs. 150 Best Cottage and Cabin…

  • Shakespeare's Gardens

    …2016. Focusing on the gardens that Shakespeare knew, including the five gardens in Stratford upon Avon in which he gardened and explored. From his birthplace in Henley Street, to his childhood playground at Mary Arden's Farm, to his courting days at Anne Hathaway's Cottage and his final home at New…

  • Wild Garden Weekends

    …stunning and original British travel guide charts lesser known gardens, spectacular meadows, the best kitchen garden food, plus wild places to camp and stay. From traditional cottage gardens and walled-gardens, to newly designed gardens planted for bees and nature, this is a timely book which will…

  • The Gardens of the British Working Class

    …more than four centuries, from the earliest records of the laboring classes in the country to today, this book unearths lush gardens nurtured outside rough workers' cottages and horticultural miracles performed in blackened yards, and reveals the ingenious, sometimes devious, methods employed by…

  • English Garden

    garden and capture its richness and diversity, explaining the historical trends and the work of garden makers of the past that have shaped the English gardens we see today. Exploring many garden styles including formality, the landscape tradition, the Arts and Crafts style, the cottage garden and…

  • The Arts and Crafts Garden

    …produced gardens all over Britain whose designs, redolent of a lost golden era, had worldwide influence. These designs, by luminaries such as Gertrude Jekyll and Sir Edwin Lutyens, were engaging and romantic combinations of manor-house garden formalism and the naive charms of the cottage garden -…

  • RHS How to Create your Garden

    …design your dream garden, whether it's a small urban garden, a classic cottage garden, a suburban front garden, a low-maintenance space or a city roof terrace. His practical, no-nonsense approach strips away complex garden design concepts and focuses on your needs and preferred garden style to help…

  • The English Garden

    …the work of garden makers of the past that have shaped the English gardens we see today. With a wealth of outstanding examples, illustrated with 350 photographs, she describes many garden styles ã formality, the landscape tradition, the Arts and Crafts style, the cottage garden and recent phenomena…

  • Gardening Across the Pond: Anglo-American Exchanges, from the Settlers in Virginia to Prairie Gardening

    …aspects of life, not least in gardening. From the early settlers taking their familiar English plants to the New World and early plant-hunters bringing back exciting new plants for English gardens to the twenty-first-century English infatuation with ‘prairie gardening’, ideas and plants have been…

  • Scent in the Garden

    …schemes for many different garden styles, including cottage, Mediterranean and formal. It features an at-a-glance reference chart giving plant descriptions and a guide to their common names. Smell is one of the most powerful of our senses, and a glorious garden filled with subtle or intoxicating…

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Items 1 - 12 of 17
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