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Container Gardening

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  • Container Gardening

    …varied pots and containers - the benefits are endless. This great new guide will show you how to choose what types of containers to use; how to grow annuals, perennials, indoor plants, speciality plants, and even fruit and vegetables; and how to maintain your beautiful container garden. With clear…

  • Home Gardener's Container Gardens

    …Whatever is needed in a garden, a container can be the answer! Home Gardener's Container Gardens covers everything that you need to know about container gardening - from the basics of which container to choose, guidance on seasonal displays and creating a herb garden to container water features,…

  • The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Patio, Terrace, Backyard & Courtyard Gardening

    This book shows you how to plan, design and plant up beautiful and easy-to-maintain garden courtyards, walled spaces, patios, terraces and enclosed backyards. You can create a courtyard in any style - a traditional patio, a Mediterranean-style terrace, an outdoor living and dining space, a…

  • RHS Little Book of Small-Space Gardening

    …much easier than working on a larger scale, and this book will show you all you need to know to be a successful small-space gardener. RHS The Little Book of Small-space Gardening is packed with practical information and inspirational ideas for anyone who wants to grow plants in a variety of outside…

  • RHS the Urban Gardener

    Garden designer, lecturer and broadcaster Matt James presents his paperback edition of The Urban Gardener. Complete with his planting tips for making the most out of a small, urban garden. Although creating an urban garden can present many challenges, Matt James presents 16 step-by-step projects and…

  • Growing Tomatoes

    …under glass, harvesting, storing and preserving. It features step-by-step instruction on cultivating tomatoes in a greenhouse, in containers and in the garden. It offers helpful hints on how to avoid common pests and diseases, and what to do when problems occur. First cultivated in South America,…

  • The Manual of Seed-Saving

    …and Sowing Techniques for Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits This comprehensive guide to saving vegetable seeds contains the kind of high-level, technical information needed by market gardeners and self- sufficiency practitioners to refine their seed saving techniques. With rising seed prices and…

  • The Container Gardener

    …flavour to your food, or putting a jungle on your windowsill, a container can enable growers to bring nature to the most inhospitable and smallest of spaces. This book covers the sustainable, crafty and culinary aspects of container gardening. Covering design and different planting schemes from urns…

  • The Ultimate Container Gardener

    The Ultimate Container Gardener contains all you need to know to create plantings for spring, summer, autumn and winter. It includes: * practical ideas for creating 150 beautiful containers of all kinds, from hanging baskets and window boxes to terracotta pots and stone troughs; * step-by-step…

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  • Container Gardening Complete

    …ideal book for urban gardeners, indoor gardeners, and vegetable gardeners, Container Gardening Complete is a thorough visual guide that will get you growing quickly! Whether you are growing vegetables, fruits, or flowers on an apartment balcony; creating a small vegetable garden for personal use; or…

  • Succulent Container Gardens

    …this inspiring compendium, the popular author of "Designing with Succulents" provides everything beginners and experienced gardeners need to know to create stunning container displays of exceptionally waterwise plants. The extensive palette includes delicate sedums, frilly echeverias, cascading…

  • How to Garden: Container Gardening

    …experienced gardeners alike, Alan Titchmarsh imparts a lifetime of knowledge and expertise. This title offers expert advice on hanging baskets, window boxes, patio pots and sink gardens. It gives advice on plants such as bulbs, fruit, vegetables and climbers, suggesting suitable containers and…

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Items 1 - 12 of 180
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