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  • Carnivorous Plants of Britain and Ireland

    Carnivorous plants include some of the most extraordinary organisms in the vegetable kingdom. Though rare amongst plants as a whole, there are more than 700 species of plant that trap and kill animals for their own nourishment worldwide. Such plants are not restricted to the mysterious depths of…

  • Carnivorous Plants

    …full colour guide shows gardeners how to incorporate carnivorous plants into gardens, containers and indoor displays, complete with advice on year-round care, cultivation and maintenance. It offers a general introduction to the world of carnivorous plants, and growing and cultivation information for…

  • Carnivorous Plants and Their Habitats: Volume Two

    Carnivorous plants are the most unusual of all flowering plants. So called because they have evolved the unique ability to attract, trap, kill and digest insects and other small animals. These plants turn the tables of the natural world and prey on fauna in order to augment nutrients that are…

  • Carnivorous Plants and Their Habitats: Volume One

    …and extreme habitats of our world, carnivorous plants are adapted to very specific environmental conditions which must be understood for their successful cultivation. This work profiles the natural habitats and environmental requirements of each genus of carnivorous plants to provide horticulturists…

  • The Savage Garden: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants

    …the Venus flytrap, but did you know that some pitcher plants can, and do, digest an entire rat? Or that there are several hundred species of carnivorous plants on our planet? Beautiful, unusual, and surprisingly easy to grow, flesh-eating plants thrive everywhere from windowsills to outdoor…

  • The Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants

    The alluring nature of carnivorous plants is on stunning display in this fine art-style collection of botanical photographs. Over 140 colour images show in minute detail species, hybrids, and cultivars from around the world, many painstakingly cultivated by the author in his native New York. The…

  • Glistening Carnivores

    …Triphyophyllum) and documents their wild ecology and natural diversity in full detail and in many cases, for the very first time. The first chapter of Glistening Carnivores focuses on the research of Charles Darwin and the implications of his findings relating to the carnivorous plants of the world.

  • Pitcher Plants of the Old World: Volume One

    carnivorous plants. So-called because they produce highly specialised foliage that takes the form of hollow, water-filled Žpitchers , these extraordinary plants lure and prey upon arthropods and other small animals. The pitcher plants of the Old World also trap the largest prey of all carnivorous

  • Weird Plants

    …interdependencies between plants and animals, and the intrigue of plant evolution. All types of weird and sinister are featured in this book, from carnivorous plants that drug, drown and consume unsuspecting insect prey; giant pitcher plants that have evolved toilets for tree shrews; flowers that…

  • Perfectly Peculiar Plants

    …and unexpected, from the tiny bee orchid to the mighty strangler fig. Looking at plants from across the globe, the specimens featured include carnivorous and poisonous species; plants that provide us with food, materials, or medicine; those that have a special symbiotic relationship with animals…

  • Darwin's Most Wonderful Plants: Darwin's Botany Today

    …most of his labours in that time were focused on experimenting with and observing plants at his house in Kent. He was particularly interested in carnivorous and climbing plants, and in pollination and the evolution of flowers. Ken Thompson sees Darwin as a brilliant and revolutionary botanist, whose…

  • The New Nepenthes

    A visually beautiful account of twelve spectacular new Nepenthes species discovered since the publication of Pitcher Plants of the Old World, and documented here for the very first time. The new Nepenthes include many of the largest and most beautiful of all pitcher plants, as well as some of the…

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Items 1 - 12 of 16
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