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  • Cacti and Succulents: An Illustrated Guide to the Plants and their Cultivation

    A practical manual and source of reference, as well as inspiration for all enthusiasts, this guide covers more than 250 different species or genera.

  • RHS Practical Cactus and Succulent Book

    The Royal Horticultural Society's definitive guide to propagating, nurturing, and designing with more than 200 cacti and succulents. How can you encourage your bunny ear cactus to flower and flourish? What is the best method for propagating an echeveria or kalanchoe? What exactly are living stones,…

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  • The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents

    …different cultivars of cacti and succulents to collect - each with their own needs - that the watering, feeding, potting and general care can differ from plant to plant. The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents features a directory of 60 of the most popular varieties of cacti and succulents to…

  • Cactus

    Cacti are full of contradictions. Although they can be found in some of the harshest, driest and most barren environments on earth, some are delicate tropical plants that grow high among the branches of the rainforest canopy. Many examples bristle with ferocious-looking spines, while others are…

  • Bring The Outside In

    …Bring The Outside In, reveals everything you need to know to help your plants thrive, from dramatic statement foliage and miniature citrus trees to table-top terrariums and hanging planters. With chapters on orchids, cacti, herb gardens and chilli plants, your home will be flourishing in no time.

  • Plant Trio Pot Set and Oak Base

    A set of three handmade, clear glass plant pots set on an oak base, ideally suited to housing cacti and succulents or for use as a kitchen herb garden. Make a modern style statement on a windowsill or mantlepiece with this trio of clear pots, designed to display the soil or stones your plants sit…

  • I-Spy RHS Garden Wisley

    …goes on in gardens, and follows in the footsteps of a 1950s icon. Launched earlier this year, I-Spy RHS Garden Wisley offers children a fun way to explore the world-famous garden, with over 150 things to spot from cacti to caterpillars, from moss to mowers. Enjoy your adventures at Wisley Gardens!

  • Succulents Simplified

    A comprehensive guide to growing and using these easy-care plants for gardeners of all abilities. Complete with inspiring design ideas, detailed photographs and a list of the author's 100 favourite succulents and companion plants, this book shows the reader how to plant and care for their succulents…

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  • Happy Cactus

    …just keeping them alive. Happy Cactus gets right to the point with practical advice from potting to propagating. Unearth the secrets of different cacti and succulents, with profiles on more than 105 popular varieties - from the cute, flowering pincushion cactus to the wacky prickly pear, discover…

  • Terrariums - Gardens Under Glass

    …Maria Colletti makes designing your very own interior gardens easy with step-by-step photos of over twenty of her own designs. Get all of the information you need on the "it" plants of today-tillandsias (air plants), orchids, mosses, cacti, and succulents, along with "traditional" terrarium ferns.

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  • Flora

    …to botany is packed with sumptuous photos and crystal-clear artworks that explain the mechanics of photosynthesis, why leaves change colour, how cacti store water, and how seeds know when to grow. Filled with fascinating stories of how plant roots and leaves communicate with their neighbours and…

  • A World of Gardens

    …distinct to the eye from the traditional gardens of an English manor house, just as the manicured topiaries of Versailles contrast with the sharp cacti of the American Southwest. Though gardening is beloved the world over, the style of gardens themselves varies from region to region, determined as…

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