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Botanical Art

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  • The Tree

    …of the forest. Exquisite illustrations of leaves, fruits and branches accompany a lyrical text by conservation expert Steve Marsh that describes the features of 52 varieties of tree. Press-out sections enable you to reveal the outline of each shape and transform your book into a work of art.

  • In Bloom Writing Paper

    The dying art of letter writing will surely be revived by Laura Stoddart's exquisite botanical illustrations. Featuring a single hydrangea on one side of each sheet of paper, this lovely writing set will have you reaching for the fountain pen. There are ten sheets and envelopes in each box.*…

  • The Orchid

    Produced in association with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, this collection of 40 orchids tells the many intriguing stories of this beguiling plant. It is enhanced with botanical illustrations by the great orchid artists, 40 of which have also been selected be included as prints and presented in a…

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  • Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables

    …Civardi has built a formidable reputation worldwide for his skills as both an artist and a teacher, and here he provides a unique introduction to the art of still-life drawing focusing on natural forms. The focus of the book is very much on Giovanni's exquisite drawings of a broad range of flowers,…

  • Domes

    …of science and art, this volume is a splendid tribute to the Gardens by the Bay's achievements, and to the beauty of flowers in all their varied forms. For those interested to learn more about the featured flowers, there is also an index appended, listing their botanical names and classification.

  • Just the Tonic: a History of Tonic Water

    …bitter bark of the cinchona tree and its constituent alkaloid quinine. It is a history deeply intertwined with botanical exploration and empire in the Victorian era, and the role of botanical gardens such as Kew. The reader will discover the colourful history of the discovery and uses of the Andean…

  • The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Bulbs

    The art and science to grow your own bulbs. With expert advice from Kew bulb expert Richard Wilford and the Kew Gardens team, this is the ultimate companion to growing and planting with bulbs! The new Kew guide to planting and cultivating bulbs features 12 easy and inspiring projects, detailed…

  • The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing House Plants

    The art and science to grow your own house plants. Which plants are delicate and which are indestructible? - We show how to find the right home for your plants and the right plants for your home. This is a beautifully illustrated gardening reference book, combining exquisite botanical illustrations…

  • Marianne North: A Very Intrepid Painter

    …and the Marianne North Gallery (built under her patronage) where almost all her paintings hang, the history of the gallery and its architecture and its restoration. The beautiful gift book details Marianne's life and travels, fully illustrated throughout with her stunning botanical paintings.

  • Flora Japonica

    …plants (e.g. Hydrangea, Lily, Hosta, Camellia) were introduced into European countries, influencing horticulture and the breeding of new varieties. And as a result, this interest in Japanese flora led to a stimulation of activity amongst botanical painters in Japan in depicting the native flora.

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  • A-Z of Flower Portraits

    …flower portraits have earned her the respect of watercolour artists all over the world. Worked to the same degree of accuracy as traditional botanical paintings, Billy's compositions are given a more contemporary twist, combining her unique eye for design with her love of flowers. In this book,…

  • Buying & Arranging Cut Flowers - The Essential A-Z Guide

    CUT FLOWERS is an A-Z guide to the most popular flowers used in flower arranging. It covers over 130 flowers showing their botanical and common name plus form, colour, length of stem and the seasons each one is available. Included are tips on buying quality flowers along with special features such…

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Items 25 - 36 of 49
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