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Botanical Art

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  • RHS Botanical Illustration: The Gold Medal Winners

    Botanical studies from sixty gold medal-winning artists presented in all their glory, from the Lindley Collections at the Royal Horticultural Society, Britain’s leading gardening charity. Botanical Illustration is a genre of art that endeavours to faithfully depict and represent the form, colour and…

  • Treasures of Botanical Art

    Treasures of Botanical Art reveals the history of botanical painting, its beauty and science, with works from two renowned collections and over one hundred significant artists, dating from the late 1400s through to today. Paintings featured from the Kew collection include works by well-known artists…

  • Botanical Illustration

    Botanical Illustration' is an introduction to the marrying of art and science in the aesthetic and accurate portrayal of plant material. This book builds on the work of illustrators of the past, ranging from Elizabeth Blackwell, who's drawings helped to release her husband from debtors' prison,…

  • Botanical Art with Scientific Illustration

    Botanical and scientific illustration share many common themes - the meticulous observation, the crucial composition, the precision of rendering and the accuracy of colour are all intrinsic to this niche genre of art. In this beautiful book, Sarah Jane Humphrey explains the techniques of the…

  • Rosie Sanders' Roses: A celebration in botanical art

    …book is introduced by an extended essay on the resonance of the rose - all across the world - in our art, literature, poetry, folklore and gardens. The rose emblem is timeless and this book not only celebrates its beauty in art but tells the story of the rose as one of nature's most powerful motifs.

  • RHS John Reeves: Pioneering Collector of Chinese Plants and Botanical Art

    The fascinating story of the Reeves Collection of botanical paintings, the result of one man's single-minded dedication to commissioning pictures and gathering plants for the Horticultural Society of London. Reeves went to China in 1812 and quickly started sending back snippets of information about…

  • Botanical Sketchbooks

    …drawings and paintings frequently feature in histories of botanical art, the preparatory sketches, first impressions and creative thoughts on paper behind them are rarely seen and have often remained hidden and locked away. Botanical Sketchbooks brings these personal and vividly spontaneous records…

  • Botanical Singapore

    Botanical Singapore is a collection of watercolour and pencil illustrations of commonly seen plants and flowers. Executed in the style of the William Farquhar Collection, these drawings by artist William Sim are botanically accurate but will also include his signature whimsical touch. Each…

  • Botanical Illustration from Life

    Observe, draw, paint, explore and master the art of botanical illustration. Award-winning botanical artist Isik Guner shares her passion for drawing and painting living plants from around the world. Guner’s work is both artistically accomplished and scientifically accurate, and will inspire you to…

  • New Botanical Painting

    …on how to create contemporary watercolour artworks. Through more than 30 step-by-step projects, discover how to paint individual flowers and foliage, as well as beautiful botanical compositions. Use your new skills to make art for your wall, unique cards, invitations, or simply paint for pleasure.

  • Plant: Exploring the Botanical World

    …of the most beautiful and pioneering botanical images ever. Carefully selected by an international panel of experts and arranged in a uniquely structured sequence to highlight thought-provoking contrasts and similarities, this stunning compilation of botanically themed images includes iconic work by…

  • Beginner's Guide to Botanical Flower Painting

    This complete guide to the crisp, precise finish of botanical painting marries traditional technique with contemporary style and includes sections on colour, drawing, continuous tone, composition and dissection. Michael Lakin makes botanical art approachable with simple exercises and a variety of…

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Items 1 - 12 of 43
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