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  • RHS The Little Book of Bonsai

    Become an instant expert in the art of growing miniature trees with this myth-busting book. Growing bonsai really isn't as hard as most people think, in fact, they are no more difficult to look after than other pot plants, and easier than many. This book makes the job even easier by breaking down…

  • Bonsai Basics

    "The New Pyramid Bonsai Basics" explains in detail all the techniques needed to keep a bonsai alive and in good shape. Clear text and step-by-step illustrations ensure that even the most nervous newcomer can approach looking after bonsai with confidence. Filled with over 120 specially commissioned…

  • Miniature Bonsai

    …step-by-step bonsai book shows you how to craft super mini bonsai the smallest form of bonsai! Super-Mini bonsai is the art of representing nature in a plant that can fit in the palm of your hand, or on the tip if your finger. As rewarding as full-scale bonsai cultivation, mini bonsai is affordable,…

  • The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Bonsai

    …and describes the ancient craft of bonsai, explaining the best trees and shrubs to use as well as the importance of size, proportion and aesthetics. The art of display is also examined, with useful advice on pots and containers, as well as how to display bonsai indoors and outdoors. The techniques…

  • Home Gardener's Bonsai

    Home Gardener's Bonsai is the essential guide to the art and craft of growing bonsai in the garden or in the house. With topics ranging from watering and feeding to spirit and aesthetics, it provides an all-in-one guide to this ancient and fascinating hobby. The book features advice on looking for…

  • Gardening Under Lights

    …up-to-date tools and gear available. Parts Three and Four offer tips and techniques for growing popular ornamental plants (orchids, succulents, bonsai, and more) and edible plants (arugula, cannabis, oregano, tomatoes, and more) independent of the constraints of volatile outdoor conditions.…

  • Bonsai with Japanese Maples

    Peter Adams discusses the specific horticultural needs of Japanese maples as bonsai subjects, and illustrates proven techniques for creating and maintaining beautiful specimens.

  • The Secret Techniques of Bonsai

    …growing bonsai from seedlings or beginner plants and advice on shaping, pruning, training, grafting and re-potting trees. This book shows gardeners how to improvise with any readily-accessible bonsai tools, as well as gardening or even simple workshop tools. Japan's leading bonsai experts offer…

  • Bonsai

    Know, grow, and create beautiful bonsai. Step-By-Step Bonsai is the ultimate introduction to bonsai trees, with illustrated step-by-step projects to make bonsai for beginners simple and achievable. With an A-Z directory of bonsai tree care, you'll learn the key techniques needed to create your own…

  • Bonsai

    …period, bonsai became a popular hobby enjoyed by nobles and common people alike, and it is still a popular pastime for enthusiasts all over the world. Over the years, bonsai has come to be considered more of an art form than a simple hobby because of the appreciation and patronage of bonsai by…

  • Keshiki Bonsai

    The next trend in indoor gardening. Keshiki bonsai translated literally means landscape bonsai and often uses three simple elements moss, gravel, and trees. The author has created a new style of bonsai that uses younger plants and a wide variety of containers to create enchanting miniature…

  • Bountiful Bonsai

    …to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Bountiful Bonsai presents a radical new approach that applies bonsai techniques to everyday container gardening, instantly turning houseplants and herbs into beautiful and unusual bonsai sculptures! Bonsai expert Richard Bender not only expects his plants…

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Items 1 - 12 of 20
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