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  • Etchart: Hidden Forest

    …through nature with this stylish folk-art inspired activity book. With your stylus, etch away at nine beautiful woodland scene to discover birds, bees, butterflies, deer, rabbits and other marvels hidden beneath stunning artwork made up of panels of special scratchable ink. With your stylus, remove…

  • Digging Deep in the Garden: Book Three

    The silence of celebrities on climate chaos... growing your own biofuels to benefit bees... how to run your garden on renewable, modern sunlight... why nature-friendly organic gardening is bad news for big business... how slug pellets are polluting your cup of tea... In this incisive, witty and…

  • Collins Complete Guide to British Insects

    …confusion Information given on when to look and where to find each species Insect groups dealt with include butterflies and moths, mayflies, dragonflies, damselflies, grasshoppers, crickets, earwigs, lacewings, bugs, bees, wasps, ants and beetles, all with keys to ensure accurate identification.

  • RHS How Can I Help Hedgehogs?

    …in your garden. Packed with simple, low-cost ideas that will make a huge difference to the natural world, the book suggests ways to help birds, bees, butterflies, beetles and many other declining species. Hopeful, informative and entertaining, with plenty of 'I-never-knew-that' mini-features, this…

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Items 73 - 76 of 76
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