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  • The Essential Garden Design Workbook

    …and illustrations. It features new informaion on designing with computer-aided design (CAD), details on sustainability and biodiversity, and important advice on working with contractors. It features all new garden plans and growing information for the top 50 plants no designer should be without.

  • The Salad Garden

    …than 200 salad plants. The Salad Garden covers all you need to know, from site preparation to harvesting, detailing special planting techniques, advice on the best varieties (for growing and for flavour) and plenty of tips and tricks for bountiful crops. Joy Larkcom also shows you how to create a…

  • The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Fruit

    The art and science to grow your own fruit. Botanical beauty and practical advice combine in The Kew Gardener's Guide to Growing Fruit to inspire beginners and experienced growers to love and grow their own fruit. From growing from seed to harvesting, the projects will bring the wonderful world of…

  • RHS Simple Steps to Success: Vegetables in a Small Garden

    Simple step by step advice to gardening success, from our RHS experts. Follow our vegetable show-how and know-how for a garden that looks great all year round. From root veg to herbs and salads, inspirational tips and techniques on choosing the right seeds, growing organic, finding the best site,…

  • Incredible Edibles

    …space? Or the time?' Sonia Day focuses on edible plants that can be easily grown in a city setting, many of which are seldom featured in gardening books. Her clear, concise advice is perfect for those who don't have the time to wade through a gardening encyclopedia or to learn by trial and error.

  • Home Gardener's Bonsai

    …ranging from watering and feeding to spirit and aesthetics, it provides an all-in-one guide to this ancient and fascinating hobby. The book features advice on looking for and raising trees, handling pests and diseases, using composts, potting, choosing containers, pruning the plants and displaying…

  • Home Gardener's Compost

    …they need to start making, storing, and using their own compost. It offers information on different types of compost and their ingredients, advice on constructing a compost bin, and detailed explanations of wormeries, green manuring, and seed and potting composts. There's no better or…

  • Home Gardener's Water Gardens

    …than the sight and sound of bubbling, gurgling, flowing water? This lushly illustrated guide gives an overview of various exquisite styles, with advice on planning, construction, oxygenation and filtration. Inspirational pictures and diagrams showcase a willow pattern, castaway island and Japanese…

  • Carrots Love Tomatoes

    …thus reducing the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. With chapters on vegetables, herbs, fruit, grasses, grains and field crops, along with information on pest control, planning and techniques, this book - with its witty text and useful advice - is both informative and entertaining.

  • Designing & Planting A Woodland Garden

    …woodland and shade-loving plants. He offers a tempting array of must-have shade plants to inspire plant combinations. The author also provides advice on how to choose the best woodland plants to suit a variety of climatic and soil conditions. His approach of combining 'like-minded' plants in…

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  • Air Plants

    …to the remarkable world of tillandsias, the easy-to-grow bromeliads that are striking in form, foliage, and flower. The book provides expert advice on how to cultivate them in the home and showcases new, eye-catching uses for them, such as vertical gardens, and frame and wire gardens. Stunning…

  • My Garden is a Car Park And Other Design Dilemmas

    …don't know where to begin... Whether you are grappling with a particular dilemma or just need some inspiration, this guide leads the way forward with sharp design advice and beautiful images. Read this book and the prospect of tackling your own garden will seem suddenly less daunting and more fun.

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Items 49 - 60 of 199
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